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Effect of Sintering and Annealing Temperatures on the Critical Temperature and Electrical Resistivity of Bi2Ba2Ca2Cu3O10+δ. Y. A. Hamam, A. El Ali (Al-Dairy), K. D. Alazawi and S. M. MamandJordan Journal of Physics. Vol.2 No.3: 165-170.Yarmouk University2009
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Fabrication and Characterization of Fe100-xNix Nanoparticles in the Invar Region”  F. H. Rawwaqal, A-F. Lehlooh, S. H. Mahmood, S. Mahmoud, A-R. El-Ali, M. R. Said, I. Odeh and I. Abu-aljarayesh.Jordan Journal of PhysicsVol 5 No.12012
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