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Digital Electronics Syllabus (Required Course)

2nd Semester 2009/2010



Instructor Name:          Prof. S. N. Al-Refaie

Affiliation:                     Electronics Department

Address:                          Electronics Engineering Department

Email address :    

URL :                    

Phone Number :            +962-2-7211111 x 4332

Office Hours:                 As scheduled at my office’s door or by appointment


Catalog Data

Characteristic of digital signals, characteristics of digital gates, logic families: TTL, TTL versions, ECL , MOS, CMOS. A/D and D/A converters. Timing circuits.  Semiconductor memory organizations: ROM, EPROM, EEPROM, static RAM, dynamic RAM. (3 credit hours)

Course Goals & Objectives

                                    The overall objective is to help students develop the knowledge and understanding of:

1.         Characteristic of digital circuits [1,4].

2.         Logic families: Analysis and design [1,4].

3.         Analog-to-digital and Digital-to-Analog converters: Operation, analysis and design [1,4].

4.         Timing circuits using discrete and integrated circuits. Basic structure, operation, analysis and design [1,4].

5.         Semiconductor memories. Basic structure [1,4].


T.A.DeMassa & Z.Ciccone, Digital Integrated Circuits, 1st  Edition, John Wiely. ISBN 0-471-10805-7


·       H. Taub & D. Schilling, Digital Integrated Electronics, International Edition, McGraw-Hill Companies, Inc., 1977.

·       Thomas L. Floyd &David Buchla, Basic operational amplifiers and linear integrated circuits, 2nd edition, Prentice Hall, ISBN 0-13-082987-0.

Prerequisites by course

ELE 250 Electronics I

Prerequisites by Topic

Each student should know:

1.    Basic principles of pn junction, BJT, MOSFET and op-Amps.

2.    Basic circuit analysis techniques.

3.    Solution of ordinary differential equations.


Course Outcomes

Upon successful completion of this course, a student should be able to:


1.      Differentiate between digital and analog circuits [A,E].

2.      Differentiate between different logic families, advantages and disadvantages [A,E].

3.      Analyze and design digital circuits [A,E].

4.      Understand the design parameters that affect digital circuits [A,E].

5.      Understand the operating principles of different types of A/D and D/A converters [A,E].

6.      Select the required A/D and D/A converter according to its specifications [A,E].

7.      Differentiate between different types of timing circuits [A,E].

8.      Analyze and design timing circuits [A,E].

9.      Be familiar with the basic structure of semiconductor memories [A,E]

Course Topics




Characteristic of ideal and practical digital circuits: Transfer characteristic of logic gate, Fan-out, Propagation delay, Power dissipation and noise margin.

1 week


Logic families: RTL, DTL, TTL, TTL versions (LTTL, HTTL, STTL, LSTTL, ALSTTL), ECL, MOS invertors, CMOS invertors: Transfer characteristic, Fan-out, Propagation delay, Power dissipation and noise margin.

10 weeks


A/D and D/A converters: single and dual slope A/D, digital tracking A/D, simple D/AC, successive approximation D/AC and Flash D/A converters

2 weeks


Timing circuits: analysis and design of astable and monostable multivibrator  circuits using logic gates and Op-Amps.

2 weeks


Semiconductor memories: Semiconductor Read only memory, Semiconductor static random-access memory.

1 week


Computer Usage

         Assignments involve the use of circuit simulation packages, especially CircuikMaker©.

Tests, Projects and Grading Policy



Grading Component





First Exam





Second Exam





Final Exam


Set by Yu







Class schedule

                              Three 50-minute lecture sessions per week

Contribution of Course to Meeting the Professional Component


                                Mathematics and Basic Science                      10 %      

                                Engineering topics:                                              90 %​



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