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 Lp  bounds for a class of Marcinkiewicz integral operatorsAhmad Al-SalmanJournal of Integral Equations and ApplicationsVolume 31, Number 2RMC2019
Marcinkiewicz functions with hardy space kernelsAhmad Al-Salman Math. Inequal. Appl.  2 (21) (2018), 553-567.Element d.o.o. publishing house2018
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CERTAIN L p BOUNDS FOR ROUGH SINGULAR INTEGRALSKHADIJA AL -BALUSHI AND AHMAD AL -SALMANJournal of Mathematical InequalitiesVolume 8, Number 4, 803–822Element d.o.o.2014
A class of Marcinkiewicz type integral operatorsAl-Salman, A.Commun. Math. Anal.13, No. 2, pp. 56-81.MATHEMATICAL RESEARCH PUBLISHERS 2012
A new charactarization of periodic solutions in periodic difference equationsAl-Salman, A., AlSharawi , Z.Chaos, Solitons & FractalsVolume 44, Pages 921-928.ELSEVIER2011
On Integrals and Sums Involving Special FunctionsAl-Salman, A., Al-Jarrah, A., Mohamed Ben Haj RhoumaMissouri J. Math. Sci. Volume 23, Issue 2, 123-141.Central Missouri State University * Department of Mathematics and Computer Science2011
On the L² boundedness of parametric Marcinkiewicz integral operatorAl-Salman, A.J. Math. Anal. Appl. Volume 375, Issue 2, 745-752.Academic Press2011
Parabolic Marcinkiewicz Integrals Along Surfaces On Product DomainsAl-Salman, A. Acta Math. Sinica. English Series Volume 27, Number 1, 1-18.Springer2011
  A  note on parabolic Marcinkiewicz integrals along surfacesAl-Salman, A.Proc. A. Razmadze Math. Inst.  154, 21-36.Sakartvelos Metsnierebata Akademia2010
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Rough maximal functions supported by subvarietiesAl-Salman, A. J. Operator Theory59, no. 2, 263--275.Academia Romana * Institutul de Matematica2008
On the L^p boundedness of rough parametric Marcinkiewicz functionsAl-Salman, A, Al-Qassem, H.J. Inequal. Pure and Appl. Math8(4), Art. 108, 8pp.Victoria University * School of Computer Sciences and Mathematics2007
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On a class of singular integral operators with rough kernelsAl-Salman, A. Canad. Math. Bull. Vol. 49 (1), 3-10.University of Toronto Press * Journals Division2006
A class of maximal functions associated to surfaces of revolutionAl-Salman, A. Proc. A. Razmadze Math. Inst. 140, 1-7.Sakartvelos Metsnierebata Akademia2006
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