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Integral Equations with Delay ArgumentsIsam Al-DarabsahNumerical Analysis2009Not Published
Numerical Solutions of Semi-Explicit Linear Integral-Algebraic EquationsBellour AzzeddineNumerical Analysis2009Published
Hadamard Finite-Part IntegralsZiad Al-BawwabIntegral Equations2009Not Published
Numerical Solutions of Fractional Diffusion EquationsHeba  Al-AishNumerical Analysis2008Not Published
 Solutions of Systems of Fractional Differential EquationsKhaled TanashFractional Differential Equations2008Not Published
Numerical Solutions of Semidifferential EquationsMohammed "Husein Ibrahim" HamarshehNumerical Analysis2007Published
Numerical Solutions of Fractional Integro-Differential EquationsMohammad Al-JamalNumerical Anaylsis2006Published