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Professor/ Refat Abdelhalim Alfaouri​ 




July 2015-

Dec. 2017
















Sept. 2007
 -Sept. 2015


President of Yarmouk University


§  Direct supervision on the management and good performance of (16) faculties, (12) centers, (15) administrative units at a University consists of (36,000) students, (1,600) employees, 1,200 teaching and technical staff.

§  Supervising the preparation of the university's strategic plan and its various units, implementing this plan in a way that elevates the university's level into advanced ranking.

§  Implementing the decisions and directions of the Board of Trustees and Higher Education so as to ensure good performance and raise the level of Academic and administrative Internationalization and to improve education outputs in addition to the Acquisition of necessary skills for graduates.

§  Representing the university at international leagues and forums to ensure linking it to the outside world and designating the university in the best way.

§  Member of the University's Board of Trustees.

§  Chairman of Yarmouk University Council.

§  Chairman of Yarmouk Deans Council.

§  Member of the Board of Directors for Irbid Governate Electricity Company.

§  Chairman of the Investment Fund at Yarmouk University.

§  Member of the Board of Directors at the Oman College for Management and Technology.

§  Chairman of Pahang Chair of Islamic Studies and Scientific Research.

§  Chairman of Arar Chair.

§  Chairman of the First Committee for Administrative Staff and Technicians.




Director General

Arab Administrative Development Organization – League of Arab States


§  Heading up ARADO strategic direction and operations

§  Promoting administrative development within the League of Arab States through an effective partnership framework

§  Assessing the needs of capacity-building and human resource management in all 22 Arab member states in order to design the necessary consulting and training programs for the public sector of member States, as well as the private sector.

§  Providing the technical and logistical support for the organization in order to ensure its role as the house of expertise in management and administrative development within the Arab region.

§  Exercising critical oversight of the analytical work and project activities within the organization, including the delivery of high-level meetings involving government officials, international experts and private sector representatives

§  Representing the organization at international meetings and making presentations on complex substantive matters to senior officials at such meetings.

§  Fostering the integration of member states’ perspective in the work of the organization and encourage a multi-cultural environment within the organization.

§  Ensuring the implementation of the directives of the Executive Council and the General Assembly and undertaking the preparation of the required studies and agenda of the Executive Council and the General Assembly.


§  Key achievements: Successfully re-establishing links with worldwide organizations such as the United Nations, World Bank, EFMD, OECD, Transparency International, and IIAS.

§  Participating actively in the operations of specialized Arab councils and joint Arab projects relevant to the field of administrative development in accordance with the framework of joint Arab action.

§  Working actively on attracting sources of funding for the organization's activities until it reached 96% self-financing and achieved the highest level of funding in 52 years.

§  Carrying out a comprehensive overhaul of organizational expenses, securing
a massive cost saving of 45%.



Aug. 2003
 – Sept. 2007

Vice President for Administrative, Academic and Quality Assurance

Yarmouk University, Jordan


§  Supervising all administrative and financial tasks of the university, which is the second largest university in Jordan (around 35 000 students, 12 Faculties & 10 Centers).

§  Strategic involvement in administration, consultations, projects, grants, committees, prize giving, conferences, community program trainings, research and publications

§  Establishing and supervising the Quality Assurance Program for all faculties of the university.

§  Initiating and supervising joint programs with regional and international institutions.




Aug. 1998
– Aug. 2003            





Dean of School of Economics and Admin. Sciences

Professor of Public Administration

Yarmouk University, Jordan

§  Supporting students in the writing of their theses, providing direction, feedback and assessment.

§  Managing academic and administrative affairs of one of the largest colleges of the university (up to 6000 students, 7 departments).

§  Prepare programs and academic cooperation agreements representing Yarmouk University with the following entities:


1998 Programs of Health Administration and Management Information Systems with the Jordan University of Science and Technology.


1998  Agreement with five British Universities to accept graduate students.


1998 Program of Heritage Resources Management with the University of Arkansas, USA.


1999  Academic Cooperation Agreement with Western Sydney University, Australia.


1999  Training and qualification program for graduates of the Jordanian institutions with a Jordanian-American partnership project.


1999  Academic staff exchange program with Atlanta University, Georgia, USA.


2000 Preparing the program of Certified Public Accountant (C.P.A) with Arkansas University and Maryland University, USA.


2001  Agreement with the Business Administration Institute in Jeddah, to teach and train students, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.



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