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Toward aerosol light absorption measurements with a 7-wavelength Aethalometer: evaluation with a photoacoustic instrument and a 3 wavelength nephelometerArnott, W.P., K. Hamasha, H. Moosmüller, P.J. Sheridan, and J.A. OrgenAerosol Sci. Technol39,  17-292005
Measurements of Black Carbon Levels using Photoacoustic Technique inside Different Buildings at Yarmouk University/JordanHamasha, K.Jordan Journal of Physicsvol. 1 No.2 , pp. 89-96.Yarmouk University2008
Photoacoustic Measurements of  Black Carbon Light Absorption Coefficients in Irbid City/Jordan- Hamasha, K., and W. P. ArnottEnviron Monit Assess166:485-494Springer2010
Black Carbon Indoor Air Pollution from Space Heating in Winter",  Abhath Al-Yarmouk Basic Sciences and EngineeringHamasha, K.Abhath Al-Yarmouk Basic Sciences and EngineeringVol.19, No.2,  pp. 47 - 53Yarmouk University2010
Study of Black Carbon Levels in City Centers and Industrial Centers in JordanHamasha, K.,  Almomani, M., Abu-Allaban, M., Arnott,W.P.Jordan Journal of PhysicsVol.3 No.1 (2010), pp 1-8Deanship of Research& Graduate Studies,Yarmouk University 2010
Visibility Degradation and light Scattering/Absorption Due to Aerosol Particles in Urban/Suburban Atmosphere of Irbid, JordanHamasha, K.Jordan Journal of PhysicsVol.3, No.2,  pp. 83 – 93Deanship of Research& Graduate Studies,Yarmouk University 2010
Aerosol Optical   Thickness at Tabuk City, SAHamasha, K., H.  M. Abu Mostafa, and L. T. AlexanderInternational Journal of Applied Science and TechnologyVol.2  No. 10, (2012), pp. 69-912012
Analysis of Aerosol Optical Depth at Jordan during 2003-2012 using MODIS dataHamasha, K., Ababneh, Z., Hamadneh, H.,and Hamasha KNature, Evironment and Pollution Technology2015
The Radioactivity of seasonal dust storms in the Middle East: the May 2012 case study in JordanHamadneh, H.S., Ababneh, Z. Q., Hamasha K. M. and Ababneh, A.M.Journal of Environmental Radioactivity2015