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Research Title
The American Society of Business & Behavioural Sciences. Las Vegas, USA.2000
Investment Law (Comparative Study of Major Middle Eastern Countries)
AI-Mwalla, M.Mparticipant
the European Accounting Association on the 25th annual congress Copenhagen, Denmark2002
The Level of Disclosure of the Fund Flow statement: the case of Jordan
AI-Mwalla, M.Mparticipant
Third Annual International Conference on Global BusinessDoha, Qatar2012
"Can Book –to- Market, Size and Momentum be Extra
Risk Factors that Explain the Stocks Rate of Return?: Evidence from Emerging Market”
AI-Mwalla, M.Mparticipant
Development of entrepreneurship among women and youthMANAMH2012
AI-Mwalla, M.Mparticipant
Corporate Governance and Social ResponsibilitiesIrbid, Jordan 17-18 April,2013
Corporate Governance and Dividend policy in Jordan
Al-Bataienh Omar, Almwalla. Monaparticipant