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Empirical Test of the Augmented Fama-French Four-Factor model: The Case of Jordan2011Published
Institutional ownership stability and firm performance, the case of JordanPortfolio ManagementNot Published
The Long –run Performance of seasoned offering: the case of Jordan, Financial Markets2011Not Published
Capital structure, ownership concentration, and firm performance: the case of JordanShadi abu seriahCorporate Finance2011Not Published
Corporate Governance and Dividend Policy in JordanCorporate Finance2011Published
مدى تطبيق معيار المحاسبة الدولي رقم (39) " الاعتراف والقياس " في المؤسسات المالية الاردنية.Janet Khazalifiancial accountingProf. Dr. Alomari, A2011Published