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The treatment of Jordanian newspapers for the image of Muslim Brotherhoods: A comparative analytical study. Tahat, K., Alawneh, H., Tahat, Z., & Makhadmeh, N. Annals of the Arts and Social Sciences.University of Kuwait2017
Broadcasting Sharia: American TV News' Illustration of Social Identity and the Emergence of a Threat.Hoewe, J., Bowe, B. J., & Makhadmeh, N. Journal of Media and Religion13(2)2014
Mentorship on the doctoral level: An examination of communication faculty mentors’ traits and functions.Carpenter, S., Makhadmeh, N.,& Thornton, L. Communication Education Journal.64 (3)2015
Frames, Modalities, Topics and Sources: A comparative content analysis of natural disaster, terrorist attack and civil unrest crises by Egyptian journalist bloggers and citizen Naheda MakhadmehMichigan State University. Media and Information Studies-Doctor of Philosophy2014
Framing Natural Disaster, Terrorist Attack and Civil Unrest Crises by Egyptian Journalist and Citizen BloggersNaheda Makhadmeh, Geri Zeldesin Smart Technologies and Innovation for a Sustainable Future149-175Springer, Cham2019