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Inference on Downton’s bivariate exponential distribution based on moving extreme ranked set samplingAA Hanandeh, MF Al-SalehAustrian Journal of Statistics42 (3), 161-1792013
Estimation of the Parameters of Downton's Bivariate Exponential Distribution Using Moving Extreme Ranked Set SamplingHanandeh, Ahmad Ali MohammadMaster Thesis2011
Nonstationary Nearest Neighbors Gaussian Process ModelsHanandeh, Ahmad AliPh.D. Thesis!etd.send_file?accession=ucin1504781089107666&disposition=inlineOhioLink2017
Computationally efficient nonstationary nearest neighbor Gaussian process models using data-driven techniquesKonomi, B. A., Hanandeh, A. A., Ma, P., and Kang, E. L. Environmetrics