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 The chemical speciation of trace-metals in street dusts of Irbid, Jordan. Ahmed Alomary, Safwan M. Obeidat, Abdulrahman S. Attiyat, Adnan M. Massadeh, Talal M. Al-Momani, Idrees F. Al-momaniJordan Journal of Chemistry7, 339-348Yarmouk University, Jordan2012
A comparison of SEM-EDS with ICP-OES for the quantitative elemental determination of Algerian Mediterranean Sea sediments    Ahmed Alomary, Soraya Belhadj, Safwan Obeidat, Idrees Al-Momani and Abdulrahman Attiyat. Jordan Journal of Chemistry  7, 383-391Yarmouk University, Jordan2012
Investigating chemical composition and antimicrobial effects of essential oil and crude         extracts from Jordanian sedum microcarpum (SM.) Schenol Growing Wild in Jordan  Mahmoud A. Al-Qudah,  Riyadh Muhaidat, Ahmed A. Alomary, Emad H. Malkawi,  Hala I. Al-Jaber, Ibrahim N. Trawenh, Musa H. Abu Zarga, and Sultan T. Abu Orabi.Pharmacognosy Journal4: 1-62012
 Mechanism of Addition of Methanol to Mestilyiminopropadienone. Majed Shtawi, Y.M.A. Elgamal and Ahmed AlomaryAsian Journal of Chemistry 24: 5536-55382012
The Effects of Inula viscosa Extract on Corrosion of Copper in NaOH SolutionNawafleh E. , Irshedat M. , Bataineh T. , Muhaidat R. , Al-Qudah M. and Alomary A. Research Journal of Chemical Sciences. 2: 37-412012
Identification of Polycyclic Aromatic Hydrocarbons in Air Samples from Zarqa City, Using High Resolution Laser Excited Luminescence Spectroscopy Combined with Shpolskii MatrixYaser A. Yousef, Ahmed A. Alomary, Abdulrahman Shwayat, Idrees F. AlmomaniJordan Journal of Chemistry7: 311-328Yarmouk University, Jordan2012
Pb in medicinal plants from Jordan Ahmed Alomary, Eshraq El Jamal, Idrees Al-Momani, Abdulrahman Attiyat, Safwan ObeidatEnviron Chem Lett11: 55-63Springer2013
Levels of lead, cadmium, copper, iron and zinc in deciduous teeth of children living in Irbid, Jordan by ICP-OES: Some factors affecting their concentrations A. Alomary, I. F. Al-Momani, S. M. Obeidat, A. M. MassadehEnviron Monit Assess185: 3283-3295Springer2013
Determination of trace metals in drinking water in Irbid City-Northern JordanAhmed AlomaryEnviron Monit Assess185: 1969-1975.Springer2013