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An Assistant professor in transportation engineering at Yarmouk University (Irbid, Jordan).  My background includes over seven years of industry and research experience. My experience focuses mainly on traffic operations (analysis and design), traffic modeling and simulation, public transportation concepts, urban transportation planning, traffic safety, traffic accident analysis, traffic calming and management, intelligent transportation systems, and computer software applications in transportation engineering (e.g., VISSIM, VISUM, CORSIM, HCS+ and SIDRA).​

Latest Accomplishments: UCF Students and Grads Win Two TRB Best Paper Awards in the Transportation Research Board (TRB) 95th Annual Meeting in Washington, D.C., USA, 2016.


Shown from left to right: Ahmad Alomari, John Rogers, Les Jacobson (presenting the 2015 Best Freeway Operations Paper Award), Haitham Al-Deek, and Richard Cunard.

2015 Best Freeway Operations Paper Award for Wrong-way Driving Multifactor Risk-Based Model for Florida Interstates and Toll Facilities. 

This paper was chosen from more than 80 submitted during the 2015 paper review cycle. UCF doctoral student John Rogers is the first author on this paper; his coauthors are Professor Haitham Al-Deek and Ahmad Alomari, who recently received his doctorate from UCF, Adrian Sandt, who is working on his Ph.D. under Professor Al-Deek's supervision. The research was funded through an STC Opportunity & Exploratory Grant, with matching funds from Florida's Turnpike Enterprise. 

2015 Best Regional Transportation Systems Management and Operations Paper Award for the paper titled Evaluation of Conditional Transit Signal Priority Technology for Regional Implementation. Authors include Professor Al-Deek, John Rogers, and Dr. Alomari. Current UCF doctoral student Adrian Sandt and UCF graduate Dr. Frank Consoli contributed to these papers as well.


Office hours can be found in the (Office Hours TAB)! 


CE341 Surveying

3 Credit hours (3 h lectures). Principles of surveying, chain and linear measurements, leveling and its application in contouring, profiles and cross-sections, calculation of areas, volumes, earthwork and masshaul-diagram, measurement of angles, traverse surveys, Tachometry and distance measurements using electronic devices, theory of errors and adjustment of observations, principles of triangulation, introduction to photogrammetry and remote sensing, computer applications.​

CE3​45 Transportation Engineering

3 Credit hours (3 h lectures). The field of transportation engineering, role of transportation in economics, society, politics and environment, operational and vehicular characteristics for all modes of transportation, traffic control devices, introduction to traffic signal design, rail transportation, elements of rail design, air transport demand, selection of airport site and runway orientation, airport passenger terminal areas, water transportation, planning and design of water ports.​

CE541 Traffic Engineering

3 Credit hours (3 h lectures). ​Traffic flow theory; volume, speed, and delay studies; capacity analys​is of signalized and unsignalized intersections; capacity analysis of basic freeway segments, two-lane highways, and multilane highways; traffic safety studies. ​

CE577 Traffic Systems Management

3 Credit hours (3 h lectures). Management of the various transportation systems including the downtown road network, intersections, major roads and freeways, management of roads in residential areas, public transit management, restrictive actions and management of parking lots, actions to improve traffic safety and environment, applications and concepts of traffic systems management.​​



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