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الدكتور زيد نايف الطعاني 

Vistor of this website can find information on my teaching philosophy and research work, supervision, publication and other scholarly activities. Apart from this official website I'm also visible online through my e-learning courses and Linkedin. Keep in touch to see my current activities. 

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CURRENTLY  I AM ACCEPTING MASTER STUDENT ... if you are interested send your cv. with 2 refrencess to 

Research Interests

The past decade has witnessed the discovery of endogenously produced hydrogen sulfide (H2S) as a new signaling molecule.  H2S has the ability to diffuse throw cell membrane within milliseconds, do not need any type of receptor to modulate its action.  H2S has the ability to act as a neurotransmitter, regulator of blood pressure, antioxidant upregulation, immunomodulator or anti-apoptotic agent, together with its great pharmacological potential, is now well established.

My research primarily focuses physical and chemical properties and physiological actions of H2S and nitric oxide (NO). In addition to studying a novel post-translational modification induced by H2S, named S-sulfhydration (SSH of cysteine amino acid) and its effect on modifying different cellular proteins. The S-sulfhydrated proteins activate/deactivate many signaling pathways or regulatory proteins.  A long term goal is to accelerate the development and application of H2S -related drugs in the future.



Selected Publications:

  1. Almuthanna K Alkaraki, Omar F Khabour, Karem H Alzoubi,Lina MK AL-Ebbini, Zaid Altaany (2020). Informeed consent from challenges for genetic reseach in Jordan.Journal of Multidisciplinary Healthcare 9, 235–239
  2.  Zaid Altaany, Almuthanna Alkaraki , Ahmed Abu-siniyeh , Waleed Al, Omar Taani. (2019). Evaluation of antioxidant status and oxidative stress markers in thermal sulfurous springs residents. Heliyon. 5 (11), e0288. 
  3.  Zaid Altaany, Omar F Khabour, Ghaith Al-Taani. (2019). Knowledge, Beliefs, and Attitudes Concerning Genetic Testing Among Young Jordanians. Journal of Multidisciplinary Healthcare. 12, 1043-1048.
  4.  Waleed Al Momani, Moawiah Khatatbeh, Zaid Altaany. (2019) Antibiotic susceptibility of bacterial pathogens recovered from the hand and mobile phones of university students. GERMS 9 (1), 9-16. 
  5. David Wright, Zaid Altaany, Yumin Bi, Zaccary Alperstein, Patrick O'Donoghue. Acetylation regulates thioredoxin reductase oligomerization and activity. Antioxidants and Redox Signaling, Nov. 2017.  Impact factor 7.4
  6. Katalin Módis, YoungJun Ju, Akbar Ahmad, Ashley A Untereiner, Zaid Altaany, Lingyun Wu, Csaba Szabo, Rui Wang. (2017) S-Sulfhydration of ATP synthase by hydrogen sulfide stimulates mitochondrial bioenergetics. Pharmacological research. 113, 116-124. Impact factor 4.48.
  7. Zaid Altaany, YoungJun Ju Guangdong Yang and Rui Wang. (2014) The coordination of S- sulfhydration, S- nitrosylation and phosphorylation of endothelial nitric oxide synthase by hydrogen sulfide. Science Signaling, 7, (342): ra87. Impact factor 7.
  8. Kexin Zhao, YoungJun Ju, Li S, Zaid Altaany, Rui Wang, Guangdong Yang. (2014) Mediation of MEK1 S-sulfhydration and PARP-1 activation in H2S-protected DNA damage repair. EMBO report. 2014, 15(7):792-800. Impact factor 9.05
  9. Zaid Altaany, Francesco Moccia, Luca Munaron, Daniele Mancardi and Rui Wang. (2014) Hydrogen sulfide and endothelial dysfunction: relationship with nitric oxide. Current Medicinal Chemistry, 21(32):3646-61. Impact factor 3.85
  10. Zaid Altaany, Guangdong Yang and Rui Wang. (2013) Crosstalk between hydrogen sulfide and nitric oxide in endothelial cells. J Cell Mol Med., (7):879-88. Impact factor 3.7
  11. Mariarosaria  Bucci,  Andreas  Papapetropoulos,  Valentina  Vellecco,  Zongmin  Zhou,  Zaid Altaany, et al., (2013) cGMP-Dependent Protein Kinase Contributes to Hydrogen sulfide-stimulated vasorelaxation. PLoS One. 7(12):e53319. Impact factor 3.53
  12. Andreas  Papapetropoulos,  Anastasia  Pyriochou, Zaid  Altaany, Guangdong  Yang, Antonia Marazioti,  Zongmin  Zhou, Mark  G.  Jeschke, Ludwik  K.  Branski, David  N.  Herndon, Rui Wang and Csaba Szabó (2009) Hydrogen sulfide is an endogenous stimulator of angiogenesis. PNAS. 06(51): 21972-7. Impact factor 9.43
Please visit  Dr. Zaid Altaany on Google Scholar  to see my new articles and full puplication list.


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 Dr. Zaid Altaany

Associate Professor in Biochemistry & Molecualr Genetics

Department of Basic Sciences 

Faculty of Medicne - Yarmouk University

Tel: 02/7211111 ext. 7109 



 Reference Books

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