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 • “Development and Validation of HPLC Method for Simultaneous Quantification of Prifinium Bromide/Paracetamol Combination in Pharmaceutical Formulations”, Anas Lataifeh  ; Fadel WedianJordan J. Chem.        9 (3), 217-227. 2014
• "Application of the Bivariate Calibration for Simultaneous Determinations of Hydrochlorothiazide/Enalapril Maleate and Hydrochlorothiazide/Bisoprolol Fumarate in Drug Tablets"Fadel Wedian ; Anas LataifehInternational Journal of Chemistry5 (2) , 29-37.2013
• "A New Look at of the β-pinene–Ozone Reaction Using the Atmospheric Pressure Reactor". Fadel Alwedian, Arabian Journal of Chemistry(10) S665-S6702017
• "The Role of Fe-X×××X-Fe Contacts in the Crystal Structures of [(2-Iodopyridinium)2FeX4]X (X =Cl, Br)".Firas F. Awwadi,, Deeb Taher; Alaa Maabreh; Fadel Alwedian; Hamdan Ebaisat; Tobias Rüffer;  Heinrich LangStructural Chemistry, 24 (12), 401-408. 2012
• " The influence of Baking Fuel Types on the Residues of Some Heavy Metals in Jordanian Bread". Omary; Fadel WedianJordan J. Chem. 7 (1), 81-85. 2012
• " Validation of the Ozone + Tetramethylethylene Reaction Using an Atmospheric Pressure Flow Reactor/Ion Trap Mass Spectrometer" Wedian, F.; Atkinson, D.BJ. Atmos. Chem.66, 2010, 65-80. 2010
• " An Atmospheric Pressure Static Reactor Coupled with an Ion Trap Mass Spectrometer for Studying Gas-Phase Reactions"Wedian, F.; Atkinson, D.B.Canadian J. Chem. 88, 1017-1025.2010
• " Synthesis, Characterization and Crystal Structure of Calcium-3-amino-1-hydroxypropylidene-1,1-bisphosphonic Acid" Khalid Abu-Shandi; Engelbert Redel; Fadel Alwedian; Hamdan AlEbaisat; and Abla AlzagameenAsian J. Chem.22(2),  1307-13142010
• " Estimation of Composition and Stability Constant of Some Metal-phosphate complexes Using Special and Potentiometric Measurements" Abu-Shandi, K; Wedian, F.Chemical Papers  63(4), 420-4252009
• " Improve the selectivity of non-polar alkanes, alkanes, and aromatic hydrocarbon compounds by application of Acetonitrile as a CI reagent "Wedian, F.; Abu-Shandi, K.Cent. Eur. J. Chem 7(3), 312-3162009
• " Membrane Introduction Mass Spectrometry of Non-polar Hydrocarbons Using Nitric Oxide Chemical Ionization" .Wedian, F.; Atkinson, D.B. Environ. Sci. Technol37, 4425-4428.2003
• " Ozone Modulation of Volatile hydrocarbons Using Membrane Introduction Mass Spectrometry" Wedian, F.; Atkinson, D.B. Environ. Sci. Technol,36, 4152-4155.2002
" The Effect of Adatoms on The Corrosion Rate of Copper" " . Hourani,  M.;  Wedian, F.Corrosion Sci. 42,2131-2144.2000
"Bivariate Calibration Method vs. HPLC and Derivative Spectroscopy for Simultaneous Determination of Binary Drugs in Pharmaceutical Formulations: A study on Prifinium Bromide/Paracetamol and Amoxicillin/ Potassium Clavulanate"Anas Lataifeh & Fadel WedianAnalytical Chemistry Letters4(4), 240-2542014
The Effect of Capparis spinosa L Extract as a Green Inhibitor on the Corrosion Rate of Copper in Strong Alkaline SolutionFadel Wedian, Mahmoud A. Al-Qudah, Amad N. Abu-Baker, Portugaliae Electrochimica Acta 34(1), 39-512016
The Bivariate analysis for determination of aracetamol and caffeine in Drug FormulationsFadel WedianJordan J. Chem. 11 (4)2016
Corrosion Inhibition of Copper by Capparis spinosa L. Extract in Strong Acidic Medium: Experimental and Density Functional TheoryFadel Wediana,Mahmoud A. Al-Qudaha  and Ghassab M. Al-MazaidehbInternational  Journal of Electrochemical Science12 (4664-46762017
Simultaneous spectrofluorometric analysis of tablets containing hydrochlorothiazide combined with timolol maleate or amiloride hydrochlorideFADEL WEDIAN, ANAS LATAIFEH, MAKASEB S. MOHAMMEDActa Phamaceuticaxx,xx,xx2019