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Jordanian Graduate and Undergraduate University Students' attitudes towards the english languageDiala Abu-Ghazaleh and Dima hijazi European Journal of Spcial SciencesVol 21 , No 4 http://,2011
The Impact of Using Music in Teaching English Poetry in Jordanian UniversitiesDima Hijazi and Amal AL -NatourJournal of Inernational Education Research Vol 8,No 3http://www.CluteInstitute .comJuly ,2012
Difficulties Jordanian Non-English Major University Students Face while Learning english as a Foreign Language : A Student PerspectiveDima Hijaziمجلة كلية التربية بأسوانالعدد السادس و العشرون كلية التربية بأسوان - جامعة جنوب الوادي 2012
The Student Achievements in English at Jordanian Private and Public Schools and Parents Attitudes Towards Teaching Their Children at Private Ones : A Comparative Study Amal Al-Natour and Dima Hijazi Contemporary Issues in Education Research The 3rd quarter 2012 issue (Volume 5, Number 3 )http:/ 7 , 2012
Teachers' attitudes towards using cooperative learning for teaching english skillsDima Hijazi and Amal Al-Natour INTERDISCIPLINARY JOURNAL OF CONTEMPORARY RESEARCH IN BUSINES(IJCRB)April Edition 2012-IJCRB Vol 3 , No 12 http://
Teaching Large Classes: What are the Beliefs of Yarmouk University Instructors?Manar Asqalan , dima Hijazi and Amal AlNatour  Arab World English Journal (AWEJ) Volume.7Number.2 .Pp. 380-393DOI: 10.24093/awej/vol7no2.26June, 2016
The Impact of Using Electronic Games on Teaching English Vocabulary for Kindergarten Students   The Impact of Using Electronic Games on Teaching English VocabAmal AlNatour and dima HijaziUS-China Foreign Language Vol. 16, No. 4, 193-205 DAVID PUBLISHINGApril 2018,
Publication Preview Source The Relationship Between Students’ Reading Comprehension and Their Achievement in EnglishDima HijaziUS-China Foreign LanguageVol. 16, No. 3, 141-153  DAVID PUBLISHINGMarch 2018