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AttachmentBank Marketing
The Financial services marketing course will review general marketing concepts, the main characteristics that distinguish financial services from traditional goods and services, factors make financial services critical and important to consumers, and implementing successful marketing strategies to maintain profitability and build relationships with loyal customers.
AttachmentPrinciples of Marketing
This course provides an introduction to the theory of marketing and its application in the various sectors, by studying the principles of marketing that contain many marketing topics including: Strategic Marketing, The Marketing Environment, Consumer Buying Behavior, Target Markets: Segmentation and Evaluation, Product Concepts, Marketing Channels, Integrated Marketing Communication, Setting Prices.
AttachmentGlobal Marketing
Global marketing course helps students to apply marketing decision in international firms, develop marketing strategy and techniques in foreign markets, and learn key multinational marketing skills, especially product policy, pricing, promotion, and distribution.
AttachmentManagement 101
This course is a conceptual one, which designed mainly to provide the student with the introductory managerial concepts and knowledge, it focus on the three functions of management: planning, organizing and controlling, discuss the nature of managerial work, the evolution of management history, the organizational culture, the effect of external environmental forces on the organization success and how managers make decisions.