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Curriculum Vitae     


    Enas Shdeafat



     Phone: + 962-779-293075


Personal Information:


Birth Date:   18th Nov, 1982.

Place of Birth:  Mafraq.

Nationality:   Jordanian.

Marital Status:  Single.


Academic Qualification:


*              Masters degree in Persian language from Isfahan university (2007) Iran.


*              Bachelor degree in languages from Yarmouk university (major Persian language, minor English language) (2004) Jordan.






                       Working in a challenging position within public relation division of a

                       well known multi national reputable company or organization, and

                       can enjoy working with all teams.






Job Experiences:


·       Teaching English at a public school-part time for 6 months.

·       Working in data entry at UN in Amman.


·        Working with a tourist group as a translator of Persian (Faresi) to English – Arabic language.


·        Teaching Persian language at Al-albait university-part time (2008-2009).


·        Teaching Persian language at yarmouk university (2011 till now).





Languages & skills:


·        Arabic: Mother Tongue (Excellent).

·        English: TOEFL Spoken & Written (Very Good).

·        Persian: Spoken & Written (Excellent).

· Successfully Completed a course in Microsoft Office Programs, Excel including Internet.



   Work shops :


·        Early childhood ,  parental awareness.

·        Projects design and administration " Peace Corps".

·   Arabic woman speaks out " Media Partners Company for Family Health, Johns Hopkins , Bloomberg for General Health, Communication Program Center and Peace Corps.






Social Communication,

Sport Activities.​