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Research Title
ICECT 2012IndiaApril 2012
The Distribution Index in Polynomial Mutation for Evolutionary Multiobjective Optimisation Algorithms: An Experimental Study
Hamdan, M.Regular Conference Paper
RASC2004UKDecember 2004
Collective communication, multiple mutation operators and the global parallelization of genetic algorithms
Hamdan, M.Regular Conference Paper
Proceedings of ICSI 2010ChinaJune 2010
Hybrid Particle Swarm and Conjugate Gradient Optimization Algorithm
Qteish, A. and Hamdan, M.Regular Confernce Paper
ACITJordanDecember 2006
An Empirical Comparison of Different Crossover Techniques
Al-Magayreh, I. and Hamdan, M. Regular Conference Paper
Proceedings of the 3rd International Conference of Global Integration of Graduate ProgramsRussiaOctober 2005
Case Study about the Joint MSc programs between Yarmouk and Sunderland Universities
Hamdan, M. Regular Conference Paper
A Scheme for Nesting Algorithmic Skeletons.
Hamdan, M. Michaelson, G. and King, P. Regular Conference Paper
Proceedings of Parallel Computing ’99Netherlands1999
A Framework for Nesting Algorithmic Skeletons.
Hamdan, M., Michaelson, G. and King, PRegular Conference Paper
DICTAPThailandMay 2014
Revisiting the distribution index in simulated binary crossover operator for evolutionary multiobjective optimisation algorithms
M. HamdanRegular Conference Paper