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ELE-250 Electronics I
P-N junction diodes, diode applications (rectification, regulation, clipper, clamper, voltage multipliers), bipolar junction transistor (construction, operation, biasing and stability, DC and AC modeling of BJT, design of CB, CE and CC amplifiers), field effect transistor (construction, operation, JFET, MOSFETS, AC modeling of JFET, design of FET amplifiers, CS, CD, CG amplifiers), transistors as switches.
EPE-220 Electric Circuits I
Introduction to circuit variables, circuit elements and simple resistive circuits. Steady state techniques of the circuit including Nodal voltage method, mesh-current method, source transformation, Thevinen and Norton equivalents, maximum power and superposition. Introduction to inductance and capacitance. Transient analysis including natural and step responses of RL, RC and RLC circuits. Introduction to operational amplifiers and their applications.    
AttachmentELE 450A    Digital Electronics
Characteristic of digital signals, characteristics of digital gates, logic families: TTL, TTL versions, ECL , MOS, CMOS. Timing circuits.  Semiconductor memory organizations: ROM, EPROM, EEPROM, static RAM, dynamic RAM.
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