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AttachmentDes: 230 History of Design
The course will provide a brief overview of political, economic, social, and cultural events during the time period. Special emphasis will be placed upon developing of Symbols, Typography, Book-Making, Advertisements, Posters and the contemporary trends in graphic design. It also introduces most important designers and their artistic contributions.
Methodology: Teaching this course depends on lectures, discussion and projecting visual examples. Students have much participation in collecting data and doing oral presentations class as a great deal of grade distribution.
AttachmentDes 301: Design Psychology
This course familiarizes design students with the fundamental knowledge of schools and theories of psychology, especially those related to design. Emphasis is placed upon the development of students' visual perception through the examinations of human behavior (Consumers' decision making process, ' the psychological factors  influencing  their perception, and Gestalt), psychology theories of creativity and affects of design on consumers and designers. This is a lecture format course allowing students to be exposed to in-classes exercises, with the help of visual illustration to convert theoretical issues into design language.
Attachmentمقدمة في علم الجمال (ف.ت102 ,شعبة  (1)
وصف المصاق :يتناول هذا المساق التعرف بعلم الجمال تأخذ فروع الفلسفه الذي يتناول مفهوم الجمال وتطور مضاه عبر العصور التي وردة على السنة الفلاسفة وعلماء الجمال الذين تناولو هذا العلم وتفسير نظرياتهم الجماليه بدا من فلسفة الجمال في الحظارات القديمه الفرعونيه والبابليه والصينيه والهنديه ثم الفلسفه اليونانيه والرومانيه والفلسفه الاسلاميه في العصور الوسطى ثم الفلسفه الحديثه المعاصرة.