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AttachmentCS 672: Knowledge-Base Systems
Knowledge representations and mappings, approaches and issues (e.g. predicate logic, fuzzy logic, week and strong slot and filler structures), knowledge acquisition, the frame problem, symbolic reasoning under uncertainty (non-monotonic reasoning, augmenting a problem Solver), statistical reasoning (e.g. probability and Bays Theorem, Bayesian networks, Dumpster-Shafer theory), building knowledge-based systems.
AttachmentCS 130: Fundamentals of Operating Systems
The objective of this course is to provide students with the basic knowledge and skills of operating, managing, and maintaining microcomputer systems. Hands-on experience with windows environment is a major concern in this course. It covers a range of topics including: operating system concepts, functions, and components, a general overview of OS services, process management, CPU scheduling, memory management, virtual memory and file system, installing, partitioning, configuring and upgrading Windows, common errors and problems and how to solve them, networking capabilities of Windows. Windows commands, system programs, and Windows facilities are covered in the practical component.
2010 to now
AttachmentCS 342: Computation Theory
The objective of this course is to introduce students to formal languages and their representation, automata, and theory of computation. Topics to be covered include: formal languages and their representation, different grammars, finite automata: deterministic and non-deterministic, regular languages, regular expressions, context-free languages, push-down automata, Turing machines and computability, universal Turing machine, computability and complexity.
2012 -2013
Artificial Intelligence (CS376)
Computer Graphics (CS 380)
Advanced Programming-Android (CS317)
Advanced Programming-Java (CS317)
Selective Programming Language (C++) (CS 101A)
Graduation Project (CS 499)
Intelligent Systems for Management (CISM01)
Advanced Computer Graphics (CS 680)
Graduation Project (CS 699)
Programming for Management Information Systems (MIS 310)
Microprocessor and Microcomputers (CS 328)
Selective Programming Language (Visual Basic) (CIS 101)
Introduction to Computer Skills (CS 100)