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Research Title
Symposium on the International Monetary Fund after fifty yearsIslamic University, Pakistan1995
Symposium diligence and contemporary issues of the economythe Faculty of Sharia, Yarmouk University, Jordan 1997
International Conference of Islamic studies at the non-ArabsAl-Azhar University, Cairo, Egypt 1997
Education and Security in the Arab WorldNaif Arab Academy for Security Sciences, Riyadh, KSA1999
Volunteerism and security in the Arab worldNaif Arab Academy for Security Sciences, Riyadh, KSASeptember 2000
Innovation in Islamic jurisprudenceYarmouk University, the Faculty of Sharia, Jordan July 2001
Development and Security in the Arab WorldNaif Arab Academy for Security Sciences, Riyadh, KSA September 2001
The role of the Islamic banking institutions in the investment and developmentthe University of Sharjah, UAE May 2002
The financial and investment climateFaculty of Economics and Administrative Sciences, Yarmouk UniversityOctober 1st 2002
International Conference on Combating Corruptionthe Naif Arab Academy for Security Sciences, Riyadh, KSA October 1st 2003
Islamic sixth annual forum (banks and the role of Islamic financial institutions in financing small and medium enterprises)the Arab Academy for Banking and Financial Sciences, Amman, Jordan September 2003
International Conference "Islam and Muslims in the twenty-first century"University of Yarmouk, Irbid, JordanNovember 2nd, 2004
The international conference on the nation and the crisis of culture and developmentCairo University, Center for dialogue of civilizations, Egypt December 2004
The Sharjah Islamic WAQF and the international community, the Secretariat of the Awqaf in Sharjah, UAE April 2005
The role of Islamic economics in solving economic problems of youth in the Prophet's era, "the Tenth World Conference for the World Assembly of Muslim YouthNovember .2006
Trends in modern international business organizations .. Challenges, Opportunities and ProspectsFaculty of Economics and Administrative Sciences - Zarqa Private University November 2006
The sixteenth Scientific Conference Faculty of Sharia, University of Kuwait ,Kuwait 2009
The Conference of Islamic banks reality and ambitionThe Department of Islamic Affairs and Charitable Activities Department, Dubai  , UAE 2009
Sharia and Globalization ConferenceOxford Brooks University, Oxford , UK14-16/6/2010