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Towards a just economic order in the twenty-first centuryJournal of Islamic StudiesIslamic University, Pakistan1997
Optimal use of economic resources from an Islamic perspectiveJournal of Research  Volume XIII, Number 14Yarmouk University1997
Population and Development from an Islamic perspectiveJournal of Sharia and Islamic StudiesKuwait University1998
Economical visions in the wisdom of the prohibition of hidden usuryJournal of Social and Human SciencesLibya 1999
Possession and promise obligation in the contract of Murabaha in the Islamic jurisprudenceMutah Journal for Research and Studies2000
Practical and theoretical relations between the Islamic economy and the traditional economyJournal of Sharia and Islamic StudiesKuwait University 2001
Economical visions in the wisdom of the distribution of inheritance in IslamDamascus University Journal of the Economic and Legal Sciences2002
Fiqh adjustment of the current account (deposit - loan - Mudaraba). Journal of Islamic economic studies the Institute of Islamic Research and TrainingIslamic Development Bank, Jeddah 2001
Islamic economy and its security dimensionsthe magazine of the Arab Security Studies and Training1422
New insights in the economic problem from an Islamic perspectiveMutah Journal for Research and Studiesvolume 17 No 32002
The role of Islamic economy in avoiding the problem of povertyYarmouk Research Journal2002
Decreasing participation as a tool of Islamic financeJournal of economic studies of IslamThe Islamic Development Bank, Jeddah2003
Research methodology in the Islamic economy and its relations with the Islamic Holy textsthe Journal of King Abdulaziz University (Islamic Economics)2003
Utilizing the Environment in  Islamic economy perspectiveMutah Journal for Research and Studies2004
Islamic vision towards globalizationJournal of Islamiyat al marifahInternational Institute for Islamic Thought, Washington2004
An evaluation study of some contemporary references in the Islamic economyJournal of economic studies of Islam Islamic Development Bank, Jeddah2005
Islamic vision towards development: research publicationJournal of Studies University of Jordan2006
WAQF SUKUK  and their role in developmentresearch presented to the Second Conference of WAQFSaudi Arabia, Umm Al-Qura University2006 
Futures commodity from the perspective of IslamicInternational Conference of the Financial Markets and stock exchangesDubai 2007
Trends in scientific research in Islamic economicsresearch presented to the Seventh World Conference of Islamic economyKing Abdulaziz University, Jeddah2008
Economic Teachings in the SunnahEncyclopaedia of Islam EconomicsLondon2009
Evolution of the Economic and Social Situation in the Muslim World (700-1500 CE/81—906 H)Encyclopaedia of Islamic Economicslondon2009