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"Integrating advanced harmony search with fuzzy logic for solving buffer allocation problems" Mistarihi, M.Z., Okour, R.A., Magableh, G.M. et alArab J Sci Eng, (45) 3233-3244 Springer(2020)
"An integration of a QFD model with Fuzzy-ANP approach for determining the importance weights for engineering characteristics of the proposed wheelchair design"Mahmoud Z. Mistarihi, Rasha A. Okour, Ahmad A. MumaniApplied Soft Computing(90) 106136Elsevier(2020)
"A data set on anthropometric measurements and degree of discomfort of physically disabled workers for ergonomic requirements in work space design" Mistarihi, Mahmoud Z. Data in brief  30: 105420Elsevier(2020)
" Sensor placement optimization and modeling for structural health monitoring under uncertainty " Mahmoud Z. Mistarihi, Zhenyu (James) Kong International Journal of Industrial Electronics and Electrical Engineering (IJIEEE)(7) 6-10IJIEEE.(2019)
Sensor-based nonlinear and non stationary dynamic analysis of online structural heath monitoringMistarihi, Mahmoud Z. Dissertations 2013