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Professor Aymen Masadeh is specialized in Civil Law. He joined Yarmouk University in 2001. Currently, he is the dean of the faculty of law. 

He worked previously at the British University in Dubai as the dean of the faculty of business & law and the head of the MSc Construction Law and Dispute Resolution. He worked in a number of universities, such as Bristol University (UK), New York Institute of Technology, Qatar University.  

He did his LLB at Jordan University, LLM at Aberdeen University (UK) and PhD at Bristol University (UK). His PhD research was in the field of liability for defective quality.

Professor Masadeh has a long experience in the area of construction law. He advises on UAE, Jordainian and regional construction law cases and FIDIC standard contracts. He has published in this area in international journals and spoken on international conferences and events. He trains real estate & construction law professionals in both public and private law sectors. Being an Arabic native, this helps him to stay up-to-date with the local and regional court cases. He is a member of the Society of Construction Law (Gulf), the Chartered Institute of Builders and the International Council for Research and Innovation for Building and Construction. Recently, Professor Masadeh was appointed as a Board Member of the International Construction Law Association. ​