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Investigating Uncertainty Avoidance and Perceived Risk for impacting Internet Buying: A study of three national culturesAlkailani, M. & Kumar, RInternational Journal of Business and ManagementVol 6, No. 5 pp 76-92.Canadian Center of science and education2011
Replicating Hofstede in Jordan: Ungeneralized, reevaluating the Jordanian scoresAlkailani, M. & AlazzamInternational Business ResearchVol 5, No 1 pp 71-80Canadian Center of science and education 2012
Impacting innovativeness: the role of interpersonal influence and cultural dimensions on consumer innovativenessAlkailani, MJournal of Strategic Innovation and Sustainabilityvol 11 (1) pp 62-78North American Press2016
Factors affecting the Adoption of Internet Banking in Jordan: An extended TAM ModelAlkailani, MJournal of Marketing Development and Competitiveness vol 10 (1)pp 39- 52North American Press2016
Electronic Word of  Mouth (eWOM) and its effect on consumer decision to buy products and services in traditional stores in JordanAlkailani, MJournal of competitive studies 24(4)American Society for competitivness 2016
Violance at Work: Testing the factors affecting violent behavior against Medical Staff at Jordanian HospitalsAleassa, H & Alkailani, MArab Management Journal34 ( 1) 71-92Arab Organization for Administrative Development 2014
xxAlkailani, M & Wilhelms, RJournal of Marketing Development and competitiveness 11(2) North American Press2017
The effect of Organizational Justice on Organizational Citizinship behavior among sales personnel in the Bnking sector in JordanAlkailani, M & Aleassa, HInternational Journal of Business, Marketing, and Decision Sciences  Vol. 10 Issue 1, pp 60-75International Academy of  Business and Public Adminstration Diciplines 2017