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Research Title
BIBE 2005Minneapolis, MN, USA2005/10/19
A novel quartet-based method for phylogenetic inference
Bing Bing Zhou, Monther Tarawneh, Chen Wang, Albert Y Zomaya
BIBE 20062006/10/16
Evidence of Multiple Maximum Likelihood Points for a Phylogenetic Tree.
Zhou, Bing Bing; Tarawneh, Monther; Wang, Pinghao; Chu, Daniel; Wang, Chen; Zomaya, Albert Y; Brent, Richard P
BIOCOMPLas Vegas, Nevada, USA2006/6
On a New Quartet-Based Phylogeny Reconstruction Algorithm.
Bing Bing Zhou, Monther Tarawneh, Daniel Chu, Francis Wang, Chen Wang, Albert Y Zomaya, Richard P Brent
 IPDPS 2006Rhodes Island, Greece2006/4/25
Parallel implementation of a quartet-based algorithm for phylogenetic analysis
Zhou, Bing Bing; Chu, Daniel; Tarawneh, Monther; Wang, Pinghao; Wang, Chen; Zomaya, Albert Y; Brent, Richard P
APBC 2007Hong Kong, China2007/1
A Global Maximum Likelihood Super-Quartet Phylogeny Method.
P Wang, BB Zhou, M Tarawneh, D Chu, C Wang, AY Zomaya, RP Brent
 AINAW'07Niagrafalls, Canada2007/5/21
Investigation of Relationships among Excavate Taxa Using a New Quartet-Based Phylogenetic Analysis Method
Monther Tarawneh, Bing Bing Zhou, Pinghao Wang, Albert Zomaya