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Associate Professor

Dr.Mohammad Alkuran







Name                                      : Mohammad Alkuran

Rank                                       Associate Prof

Present Address                      :Translation Dept- Yarmouk

                                                   University   Irbid- Jordan

Permanenet Address              : Dept. of Translation, Yarmouk


  Tel. 0779574697


Fax                                          E-mail                                   

Webseite                                 :

Place of Birth                         : Jordan

Nationality                              : US and Jordanian

Marital Status                         : Married



Degree             University                                         year             Language

*B.A.                Yarmouk University/Irbid               1982            English Language&Literature

*M.A.               Yarmouk University/Irbid               1991            Translation

*Ph.D.              West Lafayette./ Indiana                 2006            Linguistics/translation

  Researchline in Semantics and Translation


Teaching Experience:


·         15.9.1986- 12.9.1988. Lecturer – Prince Faisal College - Amman.

·         09.10.1989: English Instructor – Taibeh High School - Irbid

·         20.9..1992:  English Instructor – Ahmad Bin Majid College – Sur. Oman

·         10.09.1995 – 30.08.1996: English Instructor – NewYork Board of education. U.S

·         15.6.2007 31-8.2007. Summer Translation Course. Beloit College. U.S

·         9.16.2009- Assistant Professor. Yarmouk University. Irbid. Jordan

·         12.9.2011. Head of Translation Department. Yarmouk University.

·         15/5 2014  Promoted to the rank of Associate Professor. Yarmouk University

·         12-9-2011 up to Sept 2016. Head of the Translation Department. Yarmouk University.




Teaching the following courses:


·         Translation. Listening Comprehension (101)

·         Tra. Arabic Writing  (102)

·         Tra. Vocabulary Development (104)

·         Tra into Arabic (202)

·         Tra into English (203)

Arabic writing (201)

Arabic Writing  (684)

Arabic grammar (211

·         Tra. English Writing (204)

·         Tra. Consecutive & Simultaneous Translation (275)

·         Tra. Translation Theories (270)

·         Tra Into English (302)

·         Tra. Legal Translation (303)

·         Tra . Literary Translation (311)

·         Tra.  of Short stroeies

·         Tra. Graduation  Project (492)

·         Tra. of General Topics into Arabic (671)

·         Tra. of General Topics into English (672)

 Eng  pragmatics 404

·         Eng semantics and pragmatics 623

·         Arabic writing  684

·         Literary Translation 675

·         Media translation 306

·         Court and Conference interpreting406

Research Interest

·         Translation and contrastive linguistics

·         lexical sematics

·         Linguistic theory

·         Cross-cultual studies


Grants & Awards


·         A fellowship for the Ph.D program U.S

        Scholarship for the B.A program in English Jordan




·         15.5 1996-30.7.1996.Computer Literacy. New York PC Training Center

·         12.8.1999-10.9.2000. Material developer of OPI workshop. Language Institute. U.S

·         1.1.1998.1.3.1998. Instructor Certficate Course. Language nstitute. Monterey. CA

·         15.2.2003.17.12.2004: Evaluator of Arabic Curriculum in Language Institute. U.S

·         26.9.2003-14.12.2003. Dreamweaver Workshop. Purdue University. IN

·         19.7.1999-20.10,1999.Power point presentation workshop. Language Institute. CA.

·         26.9.2009.20.12.2009. Faculty Development Training Course. Yarmouk University

·         2.8. 2013.9.8.2013. E-learning Training Workshop Yarmouk . Jordan.




·         2012- Vice President of Jordanian Translators Association. up to now

·         15. 6. 1996-1.7.1998.  Former Member of New York State United Federation of Teachers

·         2004-2006. Contributor to the Realia Project.

·          2005-2006 Coordinator of the Language Center Proficiency Test-Upper Division level. Area-Purdue University. U.S

·         Member of Purdue Alumni Association. IN. U.S

·         Member of latino Cultural Center Committee at Purdue. IN. U.S

·         Member of Middle East Cultural Advisory Committee. Purdue. IN. U.S

·         Committee Member of Higher-Education Accreditation


Department/ Faculty/ University Committees


·         12.9. 2013.   Head of Translation Graduate Studies Committee. Yarmouk University

·         10.9.2011. 10.9.2013.Translation Department Representative to the Library Committee at Yarmouk

·         5.10.2013 till now. A budget member of  the College of Arts for the year 2014.

·          Sep. 2013 up to now- Head of Committee on Student Misconduct (COSM)


Published Papers


1. Alkuran, Mohammad (2011). Problems of Translating English Technical Terms into Arabic-Babel , 57 , 4, 443-450.


2. Alkuran, Mohammad (2012)Iraq's power and the U.S  Security in the Middle East: Book Translated into Arabic Irbid: Mu'asassat Hamadah 2012


3. Alkuran, Mohammad (2012).Constraints on Two Translation Strategies: Association of Arab Universities Journal for Arts, 9, 95-104.


4. Alkuran, Mohammad (2013). Tampering with the True Meanings of Miracles. Journal of Asian Social Science, vol 9, n 9.


5. Alkuran, Mohammad (2013). Arberry's Translation Pitfalls: Analysis and implications. English Language and Literature Studies, 3, 3.



6. Alkuran, Mohammad (2012). Challenging Arabic Waw in translation into English. International Journal of Current Research, 4, 12.


1.     Alkuran, Mohammad & Mahmoud Kanakri (2013).The Prisoner and the Jailer, On Drama Translation: A Case Study  by Mohammad al Kuran and Mahmoud Kanakri.

2.     Alkuran Mohammad (2013) Journalistic Transgression Against Classical Arabic. Babel vol 60 issue 2,  Nov 2014

3.     Translations of  Qur'anic Onomatopoeia: General and Compare Literature Laboratory Annaba, Algeria-Eight International Comparative Literature conference Aprial 27-29 2015,



Examining committees & Supervision


Advisor of M.A.Theses (done)


Problems of Translating al-Jahiliyya into English by Tahani al-Sa'di:

Masters Thesis-2011


Assesment of English Translations of Qu'anic  Inimitable Verses by Urub Atmeh:  December 10, 2012


Difficulty of translating English proverbs into Arabic by Hanin al Omari  0ct 2013


Translatability of Oedipus Rex into Arabic by Shirin  Bani Hani 11-11-2013


 Challenges of Translating prepositions in Surat al baqara by Malik Al-Rifaai 17.11.2013


An Assessment of Arabic Proverbs and Freyhas Translations of Arabic Proverbs into English by Boran Qatramiz 2015-05-31


Challenges in Translating sign language by Abeer Abdallah July 2015


Literary Translation Challenges Through Translating "Herald" Novel by Charlotte Gilman from English into Arabic by Rose Otom july 2015


The Translatability of Interjection from Arabic Into English. by Massaraat Abdelrrheem August 17- 2015.

Translation Difficulties in Sameha khrais’s Novel “We” from Arabic into English by Dania Nasim Algazawi August 3 2016 



Examining Committee Member


*  The Translatability of American Country Songs into Arabic by Fatima Wahid Khatib:   July 2011. Yasrmouk University, Jordan

* Writing on Clothes: A Sociolinguistic Perspective by Moheeb Ali al-Radaydah  2011Yarmouk University, Jordan

* Cultural Obstacles Encountered by Borhane Oudainia 2011Yarmouk Students

* Stragies and Errors of Translating Deviated English Advertisements in Arabic Media by Mohammad Tawfiq Nawasreh: 2011Yarmouk University, Jordan

*Translating Commercial Contracts into Arabic by Abdel Rahman Qasaim 2011Yarmouk University, Jordan

* Translation Quality Assessment of Theses' Abstracts by Ali Mahmoud Hussein:  2011. Yarmouk University, Jordan

* Expressions of Gratitude in Jordanian Arabic by Mysa Ali Abu Khamis.  2012

* Sociolingustic Functions of Sports slogan in Jordanian Stadiums by Sultan Muhsen Thiabaat:  December 1st 2012

* Problems of Translating Football Cheers & Chants in Jordan by Manal Al-Zareini: 2012

* The Feasibility of Lisaan AlArab Journal's Arabicization of the Opthalmologist Terms  by Mirvat Qoqazeh:  Jan 2013

* The Translatability of Some Slogans Used in the Syrian Revolution During the so-called " the Arab Spring by Wala' Mohammad Al-Dagamseh, December 2012

* Impact of Gender on Translation by Madiha Assanusi, March 2013

      * The Pragmatics of Religious Expressions in Spoken  Jordanian Arabic byMohammad Qarqz:  June 2013

     *Translating Taboo Expressions in Anderson's Speak by Alaa Mohammad Amourah. july 2013

      *A sociolinguistic Studies on TV Commercials in Algeria by Amina Zohra Mebarki June 2013

       Problems Associted with Andre Lefevere by Nadia Salih Al omar 2013

     * Srategies used by Jordan's news agency translators by Ali Tayseer shneigat, Nov 18, 2013

      *Translatability of Slang Language in Two American Literary Works into Arabic by Du'a Yaser Nawafleh May 2013

    * The feasibility of Alisan Alarabi Journals Arabicization of the opthalmology Terms by Mirvat Qoqazeh  Jan 2013

     * Pragmatic Functions of Qur'anic Simile  by Ahmad Ali Rawashdeh, Dec 30, 2013

  * Images in Translating multimodal Texts by Alaa Mohammad Khashsneh Dec 2013

  * Implications of Dynamic Verbs in Arabic by Akram Idris Al Ashqar April 2014

 * A Sociolinguistic Study of Family Names in Jordan by Abdel Razzaaq Tahaat 16 April 2014

* Translatability of Sex Short Stories by Sus into Arabic by Amneh Al-Shurman July 24, 2014

  *Arab Youth Attitudes Towards Dubbing Foreign films by Aysha Rabaab'a July 2014

 * Congratulation Ads in Jordanian  Versus British Newspapers by Hebah Abdelkareem Alrujoub July 2014

  *: A sociolinguistic Study of the common names by Lina Mohammad Anwar sider 2014

  *Algerian Students' Attitudes Toward arabicization and Multilingualism by Munira khroubi August 17 , 2014

* The Translatability of proverbs in Jordanian Masculine speech bu Safaa' rabaab'ah April 2014

 *  The Role of Rhetoric and Argumentation in Jordanian Newspapers' Editorials 2014 by Khuloud Al-Rousan

* Google Translation and Ambiguous Structures by Mohammad Abdelroof Ayyad Dec 9 2014

* Translating legal electronic Terms from the language planning perspectives by Fatima Mahasneh Dec 1 2014

* Variation in Address Forms For Arab Married And Unmarried Women in the Workplace by Mays Qasem Al-ajlouni Nov 27, 2014

* Risalat Attadweer Wattarbee' by Yazan adarneh May 6 2015

* Problems and strategies of translating body language from English into Arabic by Bayan Saleh al omari  May 21, 2015.

* A socio-pragmatic study of greetings in slected verses of Gloriouss Qur'an by Raghda Sabri Alrabee' May 21, 2015

* The Pragmatic Functions of Interrogative Expressions in Spoken Jordanian Arabic by Mahmoud Zreigat 2015


*Lexical Problems in Translating Syrian Arabic Dialectical Expressions into English by  Hana’a Nawaaf Al-Khaldi  2015


* The Effect of Some Variables on Congratulatory Expressions in Wedding and News Births in Jordanian Arabic by Ayat AlMustafa 2016


*Cultural Challenges of Translating Aljasser’s Novel “ I wish I were a lady” into English by Rana Shunnaq 11-30-2016.


* Compliment Strategies in Two TV Singing Shows: Arab Idol and American Idol, A  Comparative Study by A reej Gdeisat 11-29-2016




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