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Research Title
Graduate Exhibition/ Wayne State UniversityMichigan, USAMarch, 2010
Towards the clinical application of laser-induced breakdown spectroscopy for rapid pathogen diagnosis
Qassem I. Mohaidat
41st Lunar and Planetary Science Conference (LPSC)Houston, TX , USAMay, 2010
A New Opportunity Using Elemental Microbiological Multi-variate Analysis for the In Situ Identification of Astrobiological Materials,”
Steven Rehse, Qassem I. Mohaidat
NASLIBS 2009New Orleans, USAJuly 2009
LIBS for Rapid  Discrimination/Identification  of Gram-negative  and  Gram-positive Bacteria
Steven Rehse, Qassem Mohaidat
CTAP/Yarmouk UniversityJordanNovember, 2000
Fourth Symposium on Magnetics, CTAP, Yarmouk UniversitY
Sami Mahmoud, Qassem I. Mohaidat
Scientific day at Yarmouk UniversityJordan6-11-2013
Laser Induced Breakdown Spectroscopy: An Innovation Tool for Studying Bacteria
Qassem MohaidatTalk