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AttachmentPathogen Identification with Laser-Induced Breakdown Spectroscopy: The Effect of Bacterial and Biofluid Specimen Contamination Q.I. Mohaidat, K. Sheikh, S. Palchaudhuri, and S.J. RehseApplied Optics 51, B99-B107OSA
Attachment The effect of bacterial environmental and metabolic stresses on a LIBS-based identification of Escherichia coli and Streptococcus viridansQ. Mohaidat, S. Palchaudhuri, and S.J. RehseApplied Spectrscopy 65, 386-392 SAGE Publishing
AttachmentTowards the clinical application of laser-induced breakdown spectroscopy for rapid pathogen diagnosis: the effect of mixed cultures and sample dilution on bacterial identificationS.J. Rehse, Q.I. Mohaidat, and S. PalchaudhuriApplied Optics 49, C27-C35OSA
AttachmentThe Effect of Sequential Dual-Gas Testing on a LIBS-Based Discrimination of Brass and BacteriaS.J. Rehse and Q.I. MohaidatSpectrochimica Acta B 64, 1020-1027 ELSEVIER
A comparison of multivariate analysis techniques and variable selection strategies in a laser-induced breakdown spectroscopy bacterial classificationRA Putnam, QI Mohaidat, A Daabous, SJ RehseSpectrochimica Acta Part B: Atomic Spectroscopy  87, 161-167ELSEVIER
Sensitive and specific discrimination of pathogenic and nonpathogenic Escherichia coli using Raman spectroscopy—a comparison of two multivariate analysis techniquesK Hamasha, QI Mohaidat, RA Putnam, RC Woodman, S PalchaudhuriBiomedical optics express 4 (4), 481-489 OSA
Laser-induced breakdown spectroscopy (libs): an innovative tool for studying bacteriaQ. MohaidatDigitalCommons@WayneState State University 2011
Structural and Mössbauer studies of Fe 0.9− x Co x Zr 0.1 alloys  QI Mohaidat, IA Al-Omari, SH Mahmood Physica B: Condensed Matter321 (1), 149-153N.H. ELSEVIER2002
Modification of the magnetic properties of Co2Y hexaferrites by divalent and trivalent metal substitutions   Sami H. Mahmood, Muna D. Zaqsaw, Osama E. Mohsen, Ahmad Awadallah,Qassem Mohaidat Solid State Phenomena241, 93-125Trans Tech Pub. Switzerland doi: 10.4028/
Structural, magnetic, and Mössbauer spectroscopy of Cu substituted M-type hexaferritesA Awadallah, SH Mahmood, Y Maswadeh, I Bsoul, M Awawdeh, Qassem MohaidatMaterials Research Bulletin 74, 192-201 ELSEVIER
Structural, Mössbauer Effect, Magnetic, and Thermal Properties of Gadolinium Erbium Iron Garnet System Gd3-xErxFe5O12Qassem I. Mohaidat , Mahdi Lataifeh, Sami H. Mahmood, Ibrahim Bsoul, Mufeed AwawdehJ Supercond Nov Magn30 (8), 2135–2141Springer
The Structural and the Magnetic Properties of Aluminum Substituted Yttrium Iron Garnet.Qassem I. Mohaidat , Mahdi Lataifeh, Khozima Hamasha, Sami H. Mahmood, Ibrahim Bsoul, Mufeed Awawdeh Materials Research Association of Meallurgy and Materials, Brazilian Association of Ceramics, Brazilian Association of Ploymers. 2018
Structural, Mossbauer spectroscopy, Magnetic properties and Thermal measurements of Y3-x Dyx Fe5 O12Mahdi Lataifeh;Qassem Mohaidat;Sami H Mahmood;Ibrahim Bsoul;M. Awawdeh;Ibrahim Abu-Aljarayesh;Mu’ath AltheebaChinese Physics BVol. 27  Issue (10): 107501 IOP Publishing
Mapping an Environment Using Ultrasonic Unidirectional PulsesMohammad Al-Shorman, Majd Al-Kofahi, Qassem MohaidatJordan Journal of Physics AcceptedMinistry of Higher Education & Scientific Research-Yarmouk University2019
AttachmentEffect of Alternating Magnetic Field on the Growth of Different Strains of Bacteria in the Presence of Iron Oxide NanoparticlesM-Ali H Al-Akhras, B Albiss, MK Qaseer, R Alkhatib, MA Al-Ghbari, Q MohaidatACTA PHYSICA POLONICA A134 (1):133-134Institute of Physics of the Polish
Structural and magnetic properties of Er3Fe5-xGaxO12 garnetsIbrahim Bsoul, Rasheed Olayaan, Mahdi Lataifeh, Qassem I Mohaidat, Sami H MahmoodMaterials Research ExpressAcceptedIOP Publishing2019