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1-A Greek Inscriptions from JordanNabil Bader and Martha HabashZPE2012
2- A Greek Funarary Inscription from JordanNabil Bader, Martha Habash Arabian Archaeology and EpigraphyVolume 23, Issue 1, p.99 -104, May 2012May 2012
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5- Levant in the Classical PeriodNabil BaderHistory of the Arab World ( in Arabic), 2005
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8- New Milestone from ´Ajlūn Area Ishtafena Nabil AtallahLevantv- 35; Pp. 153-158.2003
9- Epigraphic survey in Umm al QutteinNabil Atallah & Mahmoud al-RoussanNews Letter of the Faculty of Archaeology and Anthropology, Yarmouk University25, 2003, Pp. 14-17.Faculty of Archaeology and Anthropology, Yarmouk University2003
10- Timbres Amphoriques du Nord de la JordanieNabil AtallahTopoiSuppl. 4, Pp. 465-484.Maison de l'Orient, Lion, France2003
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15- Un Tombeau Antique Dans la Montagne de 'Ajlun"SrassNabil AtallahZeitschrift des Deutschen Palästina- Vereins, 116(2000) 1, Pp.57-62.2000
16-New Greek Inscription from 'Ajlun Castle ( Qal'at al Rabad)’Nabil Atallah, and M. Abu -AbeilahBerytus XLIV,  Pp. 119-122.1999-2000,
17- Une Inscription Grecques de la Région de 'Ajlun-Rasun’Nabil Atallah (Bader)Zeitschrift  für Papyrologie und Epigraphik 121, p. 145-148.1998
18-Inscriptions Grecques de Wadi Salma, Dans la Région Désertique du Nord-Est de la Jordanie’Nabil Atallah (Bader)Le Muséon 110, p. 459-4661997
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22-Greek Funerary Inscription from Mafraq in JordanNabil Atallah (Bader) Newsletter of the Institute of Archaeology and Anthropology, Yarmouk Universityn°17, 1995, Pp. 14-20Institute of Archaeology and Anthropology, Yarmouk University1995
23-The Spread of Greek in Middle East from 332 BC up to the Islamic Coquests, Nabil Atallah (Bader)Greek Language in Jordan, Inscriptions –Past and Present,  University of JordanUniversity of Jordan , Department of Antiquities Greek Embassy, Jordan,  p. 15-16.2001