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1- "Greek Stamps on Hellenistic amphorae Handles from Umm-Qeis", 1998. Khlid al RousanEpigraphyNone 1998Not Published
2- , Greek and Latin Inscriptions in Roman fortifications and desert palaces in north-east Jordan, Rihab Al KhatibEpigrahyNA2000.Not Published
3- Semitic Names in Greek inscriptions found in the DecapolisIman ToubaishatEpigraphyNon2001.Not Published
4- Greek Bilingual inscriptions found in JordanSouha Al-RousanEpigraphyNone2001Published
5-  Greek inscriptions, found in Jordan, dated to the Islamic Period (7th and 8th century)Noufal Khasawneh,EpigraphyNone 2002Not Published
6-Madallah Al Enazi, Ancient North Arabian Inscriptions from the North of Saudi Arabia,Madallah Al EnaziEpigraphyNone 2006Published