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Research Title
Summer research school titled Symplectic Geometry and Geometric TopologyMorocco21/05/2012 to 01/06/2012
Quasi-alternating Links
Khaled Qazaqzeh, Nafaa Chbili, Balkees Qublan, Abeer JaradatInvited speaker
The fourth International Conference on Mathematical Sciences, ICM2012United Arab EmiratesMarch 11-14, 2012
A  new  property  of  quasi-alternating  links
Khaled Qazaqzeh, Balkees Qublan, Abeer JaradatInvited speaker
International Congress of MathematiciansKorea13-21/08/2014
Attendance Only
International Congress of Mathematicians, Parallel SessionKorea13-21/08/2014
Further Study of Kanenobo Knots
Khaled Qazaqzeh, Isra MansourInvited speaker
NYUAD Regional Interdisciplinary Workshop on Geometry, Topology, and PhysicsUAE21-23 October 2018
An Obstruction of Quasialternating Links
Khaled Qazaqzeh and Nafaa ChbiliInvited Speaker
Glances @ Manifolds low & high dimensionalJagiellonian University, Krakow, Poland  17-20 July 2015
The Kauffman
polynomial of periodic links
Khaled Qazaqzeh, A. Aboufattoum, K. Istvan and E. A. ElsakhawyContributed Talk