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Pharmaceutical Microbiology phar 330
The course aims to introduce the student to the different branches of microbiology and their pharmaceutical/medical importance
Pharmaceutical Biotechnology  ص534
The main aim for this course is to provide the students with comprehensive knowledge about biotechnology principles and terminologies, pharmaceutical Biotechnology and industrial applications such as gene Therapy, recombinant DNA Technology and its applications , etc...
Pharmaceutical Microbiology   phar 330
This course aims at studying research methods of the main scientific stages for production and developing a drug formula, followed by manufacturing, evaluation and conducting stability studies ending up with drugs approved by quality control and assurance.
2017, 2018
Cosmetic Preparations phar 423
Covers the basics of cosmetic preparations, contents and their actions. (e.g. skin, hair and nail preparations) .
2017, 2018, 2019
 Physical Pharmacy - PHAR 216
 The course aims to connect the theoretical course in physical pharmacy with practice.