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Curriculum Vita

Raed Ahmed Hayajneh


Personal Details

Name:                             Raed Ahmed Hayajneh

Date of Birth:                23/April/1972

Place of Birth:               Irbid-Jordan

Marital Status:              Married

Children:                        Four

Nationality:                   Jordanian

Sex:                                Male

Interests:                        Reading, Travelling, and Sports.

Contact Details

Address: Dept. of History, Faculty of Arts, Yarmouk University – Irbid – Jordan

Phone: (+962) 27211111 ex. 2379

Mobile Number: (+962) 777742711

Perspnal Email:

Formal Email:


Arabic:                          Excellent.

English:                         Excellent.





Ph. Degree: 2009, Yarmouk University, Jordan.

          Modern and Contemporary History.

Dissertation Title: "The Political Life In Jordan 1973-1989, Analytical and Historical study".

Supervised By: Dr. Waleed al-Areedh

Cumulative Average: (85.1%)

M.A. Degree: 2001, Yarmouk University, Jordan.

          Modern and Contemporary History.

          Thesis Title: "Sameer al-Rifai and his role in the Jordan politics,   1924-


           Supervised By: Prof. Mamdouh al-Roosan

          Cumulative Average: (79.4%).

B.A. Degree:1995, Damascus University, Syria.

          General History.

          Cumulative Average: (65.03%).

General Secondary Education Certificate

          Examination 1989/1990, Ministry of Education – Jordan.

Teaching Experiences

1.     Assistant professor/ history Department/Yarmouk University, Jordan

         2009- Present.

2.     Part time lecturer/History Department/Yarmouk University, Jordan, 2005- 2009.

3.     Teacher of History and the General Culture, Ministry of Education, Jordan, 2001- 2009.

Courses Taught

1.     The Arabs Modern history.

2.     The Arabs Contemporary History.

3.     The Palestine Question.

4.     The Modern History of the World.

5.     The Contemporary History of the World.

6.     The History of Jerusalem.

7.     Citizenship Education

8.     The modern and Contemporary History of Jordan.

Workshops, Activities, and Memberships


1.     Membership of the most committees of the History Department,

Yarmouk University, 2009-2015.


2.     Secretary General of History Department, Yarmouk University. 2011-2012.


3.     Academic advisor for undergraduate students, History department,



4.     Membership of Irbid cultural Forum, Jordan,  2009-Present.


5.     Membership of disciplinary committees at the faculty of arts,

        Yarmouk University


6.     Membership of the Yarmouk University club. 2009-Present.


7.     Supervising the students Union elections. 2012.


8.     Participating in the "Monday Seminar" organized by History Department, Yarmouk University.


9.     New Faculty members' Orientation and development, Yarmouk

          University, 2010.


10.                        Participating in " The Importance of Oral History" Conference, Yarmouk University, 2014.


11.                        Advising referee of Scientific questionnaires for M.A Students, 2009- Present.


12.                        Participating in the Open Dialogues In Cultural Television Programs,

Jordan. 2006.


13.                        Participating in "Citizen Project" workshop, supervised by the Center

for Civic Education, USA,Jan-Feb 2006.


14.                        Training The Ministry Of Education Teachers  methods Of

 teaching History and Social Studies, 2007-2008.


15.                        Presenting lectures In The Cultural Festivals, Al-Fouhais Cultural Festival, 2004 & Jerash Cultural Festival, 2006.


16.                        ICDl: International Computer Driving License, Ministry of

Education, Jordan, 2005.



Published Books

1.     "Samir al-Rifai and his role in the Jordan Politics 1924-1965."



1.     "Tariq Bin Taimur's Endeavor to oust Sultan Said Bin Taimur 1962- 1970", Hebron University Research Journal – B (Humanities), No. 1, Vol. 7, 2012.

2.     "Anglo- Jordan treaty 1928, and its Impact in the Political Evolution in the Emirate of Transjordan", Journal of Al-quds Open University for Researches and Studies, Al-quds open University, No. 29-part 1, February 2013.

3.     "Emir Faisal and Chaim  Weismann agreement, 1919"Association of Arab Universities – Journal for Arts, Vol. 8, No. 2, 2011,

4.     "Sulaiman al-Mousa as Historian" Paper presented in Seminar, 2010.


Thesis discussion Participation                                                                      

1.     "History of Oman in Reign of Sultan Taimur Bin Faisal 1913-1932", study in British Documents, prepared by: Mohammad Mohareb, Dept. of History, Yarmouk University, 2015.



1.     High ability in teaching in English language.

2.      High ability in using modern technical methods in lecturing.

3.      High ability in Dealing with the computer programs "Hardware, Software, And Internet".

Research Interests

1.     Concentrating on the Middle East region History in both Modern and Contemporary periods.

2.     Following up The new developments in the historical documents Field.

Impressions about life

1.     Reconciliation with the self is the first step to the  success

2.     Change needs self-willing.

3.     It is not WHAT to say, it is HOW to say it.