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Research Title
Proceedings of the ISCA International Conference on Computer Science, Software Engineering, Information Technology, e-Business, and Applications (CSITeA'03). Rio De Janeiro, Brazil 2003
Querying and Indexing XML Documents
Rafat Hammad and Gongzhu Hu
Advanced PACS-based Imaging Informatics and Therapeutic Applications Conference, Proc. of SPIEFlorida, USA2009
DTI Data Modeling for Unlimited Query Support
Mohammad-Reza Siadat, Rafat Hammad, Anil Shetty, Ishwar Sethi, et al.
IEEE International Congress on BigDataAlaska, USA2014
Provenance as a Service: A Data-Centric Approach for Real-Time Monitoring
Rafat Hammad and Ching-Seh Wu