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AttachmentAccentaion of verbs: a discorse-based analysisRashhed S. Al-JarrahThe Arab Journal for ArtsVol 6, No 2,  pp. 75-93The Society of Arab Universities Faculties of Arts2009
AttachmentInteraction of weight effects with extrametricalityRasheed S. Al-JarrahJordan Journal of Modern Languages and Literature Vol. 1 No.1, pp. 1-209Yarmouk University2008
AttachmentCairene Arabic Word Stress: A Constraint-Based AnalysisRasheed S. Al-JarrahDirasat, Human and Social SciencesVolume 35, No. 3University of Jordan2008b
AttachmentExtrametricality revisitedRasheed S. Al-JarrahLiBRI. Linguistic and Literary Broad Research and InnovationVol 2, Issue 1, 2011EduSoft2011
AttachmentThe "Teaching-Learning-Assessment" Model: A Constraint-Based ApproachRasheed Al-JarrahDirasat, Human and Social SciencesVol 38, No. 2University of Jordan2011b
AttachmentWhy Does the Verb Fail to Be Xabar? A Relevance-Theoretic AnalysisRasheed S. Al-JarrahInternational Journal of Linguistics Vol. 3, No. 1: E17Macrothink Institute2011c
AttachmentDebating Torment of the Grave: An Optimality-Theoretic Account of (Inter) TextualityRasheed S. Al-JarrahInternational Journal of LinguisticsVol. 3, No. 1: E27Macrothink Institute2011d
AttachmentThe Legal Translator a Photocopying Machine!Hisham Obiedat & Rasheed Al-JarrahInternational Journal of LinguisticsVol. 4, No. 3Macrothink Institute2012b
AttachmentAn Optimality-theoretic account of corrective feedback in process writingRasheed Al-Jarrah & Sayyah Al-AhmadThe Asian EFL Journal QuarterlyVolume 14 Issue3Asian EFL Journal Press (A Division of Time Taylor International Ltd) Elsevier2012a
The Pragmatic Functions of the Imperative in Jordanian ArabicRasheed Al-Jarrah & Mohammed Al-HamdehArab Journal for ArtsVo. 10 No. 1A pp. 17-47The Society of Arab Universities Faculties of Arts2013
AttachmentWriting Instruction In Jordan: Past, present and Future TrendsRasheed S. Al-Jarrah & Sayyah Al-AhmedSystem (41: 1) 84-94Volume 41, Issue 1, March 2013, Pages 84–94
Paragraph Inner Structure: THE STEP MODELRasheed AL-Jarrah, Yazeed Hammouri, Marwan JarrahInternational Journal of Humanities and Social Science
Determining the Intended Meaning of Words in a Religious Text: AnKelle Taha, Rasheed, S. Al-Jarrah, and Sami KhawaldehCanadian Social Science
The impact of direct corrective feedback type on the linguistic accuracy of EFL students’ writingSayyah Al-Ahmad @ Rasheed Al-JarrahAsian EFL JournalForthcomingElsevier2015
How long did Noah live among his people? A discourse-based analysisRasheed S. Al-JarrahPensee Journal (ISSN: 0031-4773)Vol. 76, Issue. 8August 2014
The Discoursal Arabic Coordinating Conjunction Wa (AND)Kelle Taha, Marwan Jarrah, Rasheed Al-JarrahInternational Journal of Linguistics 6, No 4 (2014) Macrothink Institute2014
AttachmentCorrective Feedback & Conflicting ResultsRasheed S. Al-JarrahJournal of College Writing (JCW)Vol. 12 (2016)
Translation of Strategic Ambiguity: A Relevance-Theoretic AnalysisRasheed S. Al-Jarrah & Hisham Obiedatunder consideration for possible publication
Applications of the Linguistic Theories of Discourse Analysis: Dialectic of Male and FemaleRasheed S. Al-Jarrahunder consideration for possible publication
Are writing teachers really entirely free agents? The case from JordanRasheed S. Al-JarrahIssues in Writing Journal
A RELEVANCE-THEORETICAL ACCOUNT OF THREE ARABIC PRAGMATIC OPERATORS OF CONCESSIONRasheed S. Al-Jarrah, Ahmad Abo Dalu & Marwan JarrahLodz Papers in Pragmatics11(1): 49–74DOI: 10.1515/lpp-2015-0004(2015)
Plural modes assignment in Jordanian ArabicRasheed S. Al-Jarrah & Marwan JarrahDirassat
The effects of the locations of feedback on linguistic accuracy in EFL students' timed and untimed essay writingRasheed S. Al-Jarrah & Sayyah Al-AhmadAsian EFL Journal
A suggested model of corrective feedback provisionRasheed S. Al-JarrahAmpersand Journal
How should content feedback and form feedback be administered in an EFL context?Rasheed S. Al-Jarrah & Sayyah Al-AhmadCollege Writing
Effects of the location of feedback on the linguistic accuracy in EFL students' timed and untimed essay writingRasheed Al-Jarrah and Sayyah Al-AhmadAsian EFL Journal