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Research Title
IEEE Global Communications Conference (Globecom 2012)USADec. 3-7,2012
HopCaster: A Network Coding-Based Hop-by-Hop Reliable Multicast Protocol
Rami Halloush, Hang Liu, Jun Li, Mingquan Wu, Lijun Dong, and Hayder Radha
IEEE Conference on Information Sciences and Systems (CISS 2010)USAMarch 2010
Practical Distributed Video Coding Based on Source Rate Estimation
Rami Halloush and Hayder Radha
IEEE Picture Coding Symposium (PCS 2009)USAMay 6-8, 2009
Practical Distributed Video Coding over Visual Sensors
Rami Halloush, Kiran Misra and Hayder Radha
4th International Conference on Artificial Intelligence Applications and Innovations (AIAI 2007)Greece19-21 Sept. 2007
Performance Evaluation of TreeQ and LVQ Classifiers for Music Information Retrieval
Matina Charami, Rami Halloush and Sofia Tsekeridou
2018 Fifth International Conference on Software Defined Systems (SDS)Barcelona, Spain2018
A resource sharing platform for resource-constrained software defined cognitive radio networks
R. Halloush, A. Musa, H. B. Salameh, M. Halloush and I. Almalkawi