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Overhearing-aware modified Dijkstra's algorithm for multicasting over multi-hop wireless networksHalloush. R.International Journal of Communication Networks and Distributed Systems16: 240-260Inderscience2016
Hop-by-hop content distribution with network coding in multihop wireless networksHalloush, R., Liu, H., Dong, L., Wu, M., Radha, H. Digit. Commun. Netw.2017
Modeling and performance evaluation of jamming-tolerant wireless systemsHalloush, R., and Liu, HJournal of Ambient Intelligence and Humanized ComputingSpringer2018
A rate-maximizing spectrum sharing algorithm for cognitive radio networks with generic resource constraintsHalloush, R., Halloush, M., Almalkawi, I., Musa, A., Bany Salameh, H. Transactions on Emerging Telecommunications TechnologiesWiley2019
Spectrum management with simultaneous power-controlled assignment decisions in cognitive radio networksMusa, A., Bany Salameh, H., Abu Sannad, N., Halloush, R., Darabkh, KAConcurrency Computat Pract ExperWiley2019
Transmission early-stopping scheme for anti-jamming over delay-sensitive IoT applicationsHalloush. R.IEEE Internet of Things Journal1IEEE2019