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CIS227 Human-Computer Interaction
This course is intended to provide students with the concepts and knowledge of interaction between humans and computers with focus on presentation of data and designing suitable interfaces for the user. It covers a range of topics including: basic concepts, human information processing (cognition, perception, movement, culture, communication, human diversity, motivation for computer interaction, human performance models, etc.), user interface design principles, information presentation, visual, auditory and tactile displays, speech communication, data entry, control, tools and feedback, human factors in computer programming, workspace design, environmental   and legal considerations
2016/2017 - 2017/2018
CIS281 - Multimedia Systems
This course is intended to provide students with the knowledge needed for understanding, using, and upgrading systems with multimedia data.  It covers a range of topics including: Multimedia concepts and terminology, interactive multimedia technology, multimedia data types and formats (graphics, images, animation, audio, video, etc.), desktop publishing, hypermedia, presentation media, integrated multimedia authoring techniques, techniques for designing and producing multimedia applications, using multimedia-authoring tools, industry standards, future directions in interactive multimedia technology. This course is supplemented by a practical component covered in CIS285 (concurrently).
2016/2017 - 2017/2018
CIS244 - Graphical User Interface (GUI)
This course is designed to introduce the basic concepts associated with Graphical User Interface (GUI) Programming in the Windows environment by using C# programming language.  We will start with windows forms and spend time on various aspects associated with user interface design.  Students are expected to complete all in-class and assignments lab tasks. Topics covered include Introduction to Windows Forms, Getting started with Visual Studio.Net and the form designer, Login Window and Basic Windows’ Forms which include: Menus, Working with text, Status bars, Common File Dialogs, Dialog boxes, Basic controls, More Controls, Message processing, Toolbars, Multiple document Interfaces and other Windows forms.
CIS285 - Multimedia Systems Lab
The course is intended to complement CIS281A by providing students with a full range of skills using a suitable tool such as Adobe Photoshop, Flash, and Adobe Illustrator to build and use a multimedia system. The course includes exercise and practical cases that suit the subjects covered in CIS281A.
SCI108 - Computer Skills
The main objective of the course is to provide students with the skills necessary to use the personal computer in daily life. The course covers number of topics including basic principles for building databases using MS Access, principles of using MS Excel tables, and building-developing Websites using MS Share Point Designer software.
SCI102 - Information Technology and Society
This course aims at introducing students to the role of information and communication technology in the development of the individual and society and its positive impact. The most important topics discussed in this course are general concepts of information technology and communications, an overview of developments
Modern technology in the field of personal computing and home computing, networks and Internet services, home and personal,
Protection against viruses and illegal devices, Ethics of computers and information systems, Role of technology Information in the community communication among the members, the privacy and confidentiality of the information, some information technology services such as generalization E-government, and e-commerce. The most important risks and threats involved are increased use For computer and Internet.
CIS499 - Graduation Project