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Personal perspectives of protracted displacement: an ethnographic insight into the isolation and coping mechanisms of Syrian women and girls living as urban refugees in northern Jordan. Karen Boswall & Ruba Al AkashIntervention13(3), pp.203-215.2015
Protracted Displacement and Invisible Future: Experiences of Urban Syrian Refugees in Irbid-Jordan. Ruba Al AkashInternational Journal of Humanities and Social ScienceVol. 5 No. 5. 2015
Boswall, K. and Al Akash, R., 2017. Listening, resistance and mobile phone playlists: musical listening practices of Syrian women living as refugees in Northern Jordan. Social Dynamics, 43(2), pp.167-183.Karen Boswall& Ruba Al AkashSocial DynamicsTaylor & Francis2017