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Fostering Jordanian University Students’ Communicative Performance through Literature-Based InstructionBataineh, Ruba F., Raghd Y. Al-Rabadi, and Oqlah M. SmadiTESOL Journals4(4), 655-673TESOL International2013
The Effect of the Medium of Assessment on ESL Children’s Achievement in Mathematics, Science, and Social StudiesBaniabdelrahman, Abdallah A. and Ruba F. Bataineh Journal of King Saud University (Educational Sciences and Islamic Studies) 24(4),15-22King Saud University2012
The Pedagogical Value of UAE English Skills Textbooks as Perceived by Supervisors and Teachers in Al-Ain Educational Zone in the United Arab EmiratesBataineh, Rula F., Ruba F. Bataineh, and Mohammad Al-MuhasienJournal of Educational and Psychological Sciences (University of Bahrain)13(2), 11-35University of Bahrain2012
The Effect of a CALL Program on Jordanian Sixth-Grade Students’ AchievementBataineh, Ruba F. and Nedal A. Bani HaniTeaching English with Technology (Journal of the International Association of Teachers of English as a Foreign Language)11(3), 3-24,  Association of Teachers of English as a Foreign Language2011
EFL Teachers' Knowledge of and Classroom Subscription to Communicative Language Teaching: Embraced or Lip-Serviced? Bataineh, Rula F., Ruba F. Bataineh, and Samiha S. Thabet. Journal of Language Teaching and Research2(4), 859-866Academy Publisher2011
Preservice Childhood Education Teachers’ Perceptions of Instructional Practices for Developing Young Children's Interest in ReadingAl-Barakat, Ali A. and Ruba F. Bataineh Journal of Research in Childhood Education25(2): 177-193Taylor and Francis2011
Jordanian Early Primary Stage Teachers’ Self-Reported Practices to Develop their Pupils' Reading in Arabic. Bataineh, Ruba F. and Ali A. Al-Barakat Mediterranean Journal of Educational Studies14(2), 65-92, Centre for Educational Research2009
Jordanian Student Teachers' Use of Computers to Develop Primary Stage Pupils' Literacy SkillsAl-Barakat, Ali A. and Ruba F. BatainehInternational Journal of Educational Development Using ICT4(4), 598&layout=html  The University of the West Indies2008
A Cross-Cultural Comparison of Apologies by Native Speakers of American English and Jordanian ArabicBataineh, Rula F. and Ruba F. BatainehJournal of Pragmatics40(4), 792-821. DOI:10.1016/j.pragma.2008.01.003Elsevier2008
Bataineh, Ruba F., Samiha S. Thabet, and Rula F. BatainehObstacles of Using Communicative Techniques in Yemeni EFL ClassesGrazer Linguistische Studien 67/68, 79-92Institut für Sprachwissenschaft, Universität Graz2007
Jordanian Pre-service Teachers’ Perceptions of the Portfolio as a Reflective Learning ToolBataineh, Ruba Fahmi, Samih Mahmoud Al-Karasneh, Ali Ahmad Al-Barakat, and Rula Fahmi BatainehAsia-Pacific Journal of Teacher Education 35(4), 435-454 (DOI:10.1080/13598660701611420)Taylor and Francis2007
An Exploratory Study of Jordanian EFL Students’ Perceptions of their Use of the InternetBaniabdelrahman, Abdallah A., Ruba F. Bataineh, and Rula F. BatainehTeaching English with Technology (Journal of the International Association of Teachers of English as a Foreign Language), 7(3),   The International Association of Teachers of English as a Foreign Language2007
Jordanian EFL Teachers’ Perceptions of the Appropriateness of Action Pack TextbooksAl-Barakat, Ali Ahmad, Ruba Fahmi Bataineh, Samih Mahmoud Al-Karasneh, and Rula Fahmi BatainehITL International Journal of Applied Linguistics151, 33-56 (DOI: 10.2143/ITL.151.0.2015221)Peeters2006
Jordanian EFL Students' Perceptions of their Computer LiteracyBataineh, Ruba F. and Abdallah A. BaniabdelrahmanInternational Journal of Education and Development Using Information and Communication Technology2(2), 35-50, University of the West Indies2006
Apology Strategies of Jordanian EFL University StudentsBataineh, Ruba F. and Rula F. BatainehJournal of Pragmatics38(11), 1901-1927 ( DOI: 10.1016/j.pragma.2005.11.004)Elsevier2006
Jordanian TEFL Graduate Students’ Use of Critical Thinking Skills (as Measured by the Cornell Critical Thinking Test, Level Z)Bataineh, Ruba F. and Lamma H. ZghoulInternational Journal of Bilingual Education and Bilingualism 9(1), 33-50 (DOI: 10.1080/13670050608668629)Taylor and Francis2006
American University Students' Apology Strategies: An Intercultural Analysis of the Effect of GenderBataineh, Ruba F. and Rula F. BatainehJournal of Intercultural Communication 9, intercultural/nr9/bataineh.htmImmigrant Institutet2005
اهتمامات القراءة ومعوقاتها لدى تلاميذ الصفوف الأساسية الثلاثة الأولى في مديريات التربية والتعليم في منطقة شمال الأردن (The Reading Interests of Jordanian First-, Second-, and Third-Grade Pupils and the Obstacles Limiting these Interests)Bataineh, Ruba and Ali Al-BarakatJournal of Educational and Psychological Sciences 6(3), 107-133University of Bahrain2005
Jordanian English Female Teachers’ Utilization of Instructional Games and Attitudes towards these GamesBataineh, Ruba F. and Maram S. JaradatJordan Journal of Educational Sciences 1 (1), 115-122Ministry of Higher Education/Yarmouk University2005
The Representation of the Local Environment in Jordanian Tenth Grade English TextbooksBataineh, Ruba F. Association of Arab Universities Journal for Education and Psychology 3(2), 11-43 Association of Arab Universities2005
Jordanian EFL University Students’ Reading InterestsBataineh, Ruba F. and Ra’ed A. Al-ShormanAbhath Al-Yarmouk (Humanities and Social Sciences Series)21(3a): 35-56Yarmouk University2005
Jordanian Economics and Administrative Science Students’ Perceptions of the Need for Business English Courses and the Potential Impact of the Use of English as the Predominant Medium of Instruction on Academic AchievementBataineh, Ruba F. and Nisreen AyasrehJournal of Educational and Psychological Sciences5(4), 7-23 University of Bahrain 2004
The Difficulties Jordanian Graduate Learners of English as a Second Language Face When Translating English Idioms into ArabicBataineh, Ruba F. and Rula F. BatainehRASK: internationalt tidsskrift for sprog og kommunikation (RASK: International Journal of Language and Communication)16, 33-83Institute of Language and Communication, U. Southern Denmark  (Odense)2002
A Case Study of the Impact of the Native Language of an Adult Arab Learner of English in an English-Speaking EnvironmentBataineh, Ruba F. Indian Journal of Applied Linguistics28 (1), 5-26 Bahri Publications2002
Politeness Formulas: A Cross-Cultural StudyBataineh, Ruba F. International Journal of Communication 11 (1-2), 221-233 Bahri Publications2001
The Major Obstacles in the Utilization of Instructional Media by Teachers of English in Jordanian Public and Private Schools: A Teacher’s PerspectiveBataineh, Ruba F. and Ali A. BarakatDirasat (Journal of the University of Jordan)25 (2), 469-483 University of Jordan1998
A Cross-Sectional Study of Jordanian Learners of English as a Second LanguageBataineh, Ruba F. Indian Journal of Applied Linguistics23 (1), 17-26Bahri Publications1997
Jordanian Teachers’ Perceptions of the Editorial Changes of First Grade Action Pack TextbookAl-Omari, Khalid; Bataineh, Ruba F. and Al-Omari, AkramJournal of Humanities and Social Sciences (University of Sharjah)9(1), 1-28University of Sharjah2013
Jordanian EFL Teachers’ Awareness and Incorporation of Multiple Intelligences into their Pedagogical PracticesAl Omari, Taghrid A. and Bataineh, Ruba FOpen Access Library Journal1(2), 1-22Scientific Research Publishing2014
Major Arabic Computational Linguistics Tools  in Saudi Arabia: An Exploratory StudyBataineh, Ruba F. and Al-Wazzan, Rawan A. International Journal of Computer and Information Technology3(6), 1514-1520International Journal of Computer and Information Technology2014
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