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Uncovering counterfeit Viagra and Cialis using the portable ‎NIR and the UV-Visible spectroscopy coupled with ‎multivariate data analysis (a preliminary study).‎Safwan M. Obeidat, Ban Al-Tayyem‎Jordan Journal Of Chemistry9 (3) 158-168 2014
Pb in medicinal plants from Jordan‎A. Alomary, E. Z. El Jamal, I. F. Al-momani, A. Attiyat, S. M. Obeidat ‎Environmental Chemistry Letters‎11(1), 55-632013
Combination of ICP-OES, XRF and XRD techniques for analysis of‏ ‏several dental ‎ceramics and their identification using chemometrics ‎Safwan M. Obeidat, Idrees Al-Momani, Asma'a Haddad, and Motasem Bani Yasein ‎Spectroscopy – Biomedical‎‏ ‏Applications 26, 141-149‎‏ ‏‎2011‎
A Multi-source Portable LED SpectrofluorometerSafwan Obeidat, Gary Rayson, Baolong Bai, Dean Anderson‎Applied Spectroscopy 62, 327-332 2008‎
Application of multi-way data analysis on excitation-emission spectra for plant ‎identificationSafwan M. Obeidat, Gary D. Rayson, Dean M. Anderson Serge, Y. Landau, Tzach ‎Glasser ‎Talanta72, 682-690 2007
"Study of Fuel Assessment and Adulteration Using EEMF and Multiway PCA"2. Safwan M. Obeidat, Mohammad M. Al-Ktash , and Idrees F. Al-Momani  Energy and Fuels 28 (8), 4889–4894.2014
The Use of 1H NMR And PCA For Quality Assessment of Gasoline of Different Octane NumberSafwan M. ObeidatApplied Magnetic Resonance 46, Issue 8, pp 875-883Springer2015
FT-IR  For The Assessment of Green Coffee Beans According to The OriginSafwan M. Obeidat, Ayman Y. Hammoudeh, Ahmed A. Alomary Accepted in J. Applied Spectroscopy Springer2017
Partitioning of Trace Metals in the Sediments from the Mediterranean Coastal Zone of Ajdabia to Benghazi, Libya: Case StudySafwan M. Obeidat, Idrees F. Al-Momani and Rebh A. Othman Jordan Journal of Chemistry, 4: 247-258 YU2016
Multivariate Calibration and 1H NMR Spectroscopyfor Uncovering Fuel Adulteration”Safwan M. Obeidat, Ahmed A. Alomary  Applied Magnetic Resonance)47:1273–1282Springer2016
Patterns in Volatile Emission of Different organs of Inula viscosa growing wild in JordanHala I. Al Jaber, Safwan M. Obeidat, Mahmoud A. Al-Qudah, Ismail F. Abaza, Jamil N. Lahham, Musa H. Abu-Zarga, Fatma U. Afifi,Accepted in  J. Essential Oil Bearing Plants 2017
levels of Lead, cadmium, copper, iron and zinc in deciduous teeth of children living in irbid, Jordan by ICP-OES: Some factors affecting their concentrations A. Alomary, I. F. Al-momani, A. Attiyat, S. M. Obeidat, A. M. Massadeh Monitoring and Assessment, 185(4), 3283-95 2013