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 وفي الأرض آيات للموقنين وفي أنفسكم أفلا تبصرون
(سورة الذاريات)
Niagara Falls




The above three images show karst towers in limestone rocks by Li River, China.



Mona Loa Volcano. 
Located in the Hawaii islands, this is one of the five volcanoes that make up the Island of Hawaii in United States. This is the largest volcano in the world in terms of volume. It holds 18,000 cubic miles of magma and it is at a height of 13680 ft above sea level (which is usually lower compared to its peers). It was erupting for more than 700,000 years. The last volcanic eruption occurred in March 1984 and it lasted for more than 24 days causing heavy damage to the people and surrounding areas. Though they were not much explosive, the viscosity of their magma fluid will be very low. As the result, the movement of hot magma would be much faster compared to other volcanoes causing great destruction to the neighborhood areas.
Photo: City lights near an erupting volcano

Mount Etna, Italy. 

Perched above the lighted city of Catania, Mount Etna hurls a fountain of fire skyward as rivers of lava spill down its flanks. In spite of its dazzling displays, Mount Etna is a relatively safe volcano with rare, compact eruptions and slow-flowing lava that gives people a chance to escape.
Explosion from Sakurajima (Japan) at 14:54 UTC (27 Sep 2013) (Photo: Tom Pfeiffer)


 Ash emissions and weak strombolian activity from the Showa crater. (Photo: Tom Pfeiffer)

 The above two images show explosion from Sakurajima (Japan) at 27 Sep 2013. Ash emissions and weak strombolian activity from the Showa crater are observed in lower image. 


Set of slides shows earthquake damage in south California from the following events: Imperial Valley 1979, Westmorland 1981, Palm Springs 1986, and Whittier 1987. These events were all earthquakes with a magnitude of 5.9 or higher.

 File:Grosser Aletschgletscher 3178.JPG

The Aletsch Glacier, largest glacier of the Alps, Switzerland.
Photo: Sand dunes in Egypt's Western Desert

                                     Sand dunes, Western Desert, Egypt.

edhan murzuq sand dunes

 Ripple marks formation at dune surface.

 Dinosaur fossil preserved in rock.
Priscacara serrata
​Fossil of fish dated back to Eocene Period (ab. 50 million year old). Green river Formation, Wyoming, USA.