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Geomatics Engineering Applications
GIS, GPS, Remote Sensing and Other Surveying Techniques Applications in Civil Engineering Research.
Traffic Safety Studies
Statistical modeling of road accidents data (e.g., Prediction Intervals for Transformed Chi-square Family Application on Traffic Accidents large datasets); trends in traffic accidents data by exposure and risk (contributory) factors; Spatial mapping and analysis of large accidents data sets using GIS, GPS and Remote Sensing Techniques; and Network modeling and optimization to enhance traffic operation plans.
Urban Growth Modeling
Artificial Intelligence Techniques (Cellular Automata, Fuzzy Logic, Genetic Algorithms and Neural Networks) as integrated with GIS, GPS and Satellite Imagery to model the spatio-temporal urban development of modern cities; Neural Networks for modeling urban city boundaries. 
Transportation Planning and Management:
Collaboration with Department of Transport (DOT), National Transport Authority (NTA) and Abu Dhabi Municipality to assemble complete giant data base of the transportation network in Abu Dhabi; Traffic Management Studies with GIS, GPS and Remote Sensing (signal timing assessment, queue theory application, delay studies, and traffic recirculation plans). 
Pavement Management Systems
Development of a Pavement Distresses Classification System to Prioritize Urban Arterials maintenance activities according to pavement condition and available budget.