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 Remotal sets in 1(), M. Sc., 2012.AlHassan Al-Sharman,Published
 Strong unique best simultaneous coapproximation. M. Sc., 2012.Osama Bawaneh,Published
 On simultaneous approximation in topological spaces, M. Sc., 2012.Khalid Qaraman,Published
 Poisson kernel in two dimension, M.SC, 2012. Fatima Salem,Published
On 􀀀Approximation in topological vector spaces, M. Sc., 2011Rami Abu Shaqra, Published
Toeplitz type operators on sum closed subspaces in 2(), M. Sc., 2011.Yahya JebrilPublished
 Remotal and simultaneous remotal sets in Banach spaces, M. Sc., 2010.Alaa Awad,Published
 Uniformly dominated sets of p-summing operators, M. Sc., 2009.Yusof Rashdan,Published
Simultaneous farthest points in vector valued function spaces. M. Sc., 2009.Ayat Ababneh,Published