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AttachmentCIS 103: Introduction to Information Technology
Introduction to IT, a course given to IT students as a compulsary course and to the Science Faculty students as an Elective.
Course web site:
AttachmentCIS318: Building Systems Using 4GLs
A Department Compulsary course to teach students the ability to build systems using some selected 4th Generation Language like Oracle, Ingress, ... etc.
CIS499: Graduation Project
A Department Compulsary course to teach the students the ability to apply everything they learn during their study and turn it into a fully Integrated application.
CIS631: Information Networks Analysis and Design
a Graduate Compulsory course intended to teach students the ability to study existing Networks, Analyze them, Collect requirements, and then design the appropriate architecture for a Network accordingly.
AttachmentSee my CV for course taught former to 2012/2013 Academic Year.
Former courses
from 2000/2001 - 2011/2012