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Generalized MatroidsTalal Al-HawaryTo appear in The Mathematics Student.2013
Fuzzy C-flatsTalal Al-HawaryTo appear in FASCICULI MATHEMATICI2013
On Generalized preopen sets Talal Al-HawaryTo appear in Proyecciones: revista de matematica.
 ζ-open setsTalal Al-HawaryTo appear in Acta Scientiarum-Technology
On Fuzzy MatroidsTalal Al-Hawary Vol. 1, 2012 in Inter. J. Math. Cobin.yes
Complete fuzzy graphsTalal Al-HawaryInter. J. Math. Cobin.Vol.4 (2011), 26-34.yes
Fuzzy greedoidsTalal Al-HawaryInt. J. Pure Appl. Math., vol. 70, No. 3 (2011), pp. 285-295.yes
Generalized preopen setsTalal Al-HawaryQuestions Answers Gen. Topology 29 (2011), no. 1, 73--80.y
43 more. Please see attached cv.