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Measuring the Pollutants Released from Exhausts of Gasoline Vehicles by Using IR SpectroscopySameer Khader HamadnehPhysics EnvironmentProf. Dr. Barakat Batayne (Supervisor), Dr. Talal M. Al-Momani (Co-Supervisoer)2011Published
Geology, Mineralogy and Industrial Evaluation of Jarash Formation Clay Deposits - Jarash area, North Jordan.Mohammad Ezz-Aldien Ibrahim DwairiGeologyDr. Talal M. Al-Momani (Supervisor)2016Published
Measurement of Lead in low cost plastic children toys in Jodrdan.Dalia Wael Atef Abu Al HayjaForensic Science and ToxicologyDr. Mohammad Nazzal (Chairman), Dr. Saleem Banihani (Co-Advisor), Prof. Dr. Mohammad Harahsheh (Member), Dr. Talal M. Al-Momani (External Examiner)2016Published