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At the moment, I am at Yarmouk University;
You can reach me through the following contact info:

Dr. Mahmoud H. Al Tamimi.

P.O Box: P.O Box 566 |ZIP Code 21163|Irbid | Hashmite Kingdome of Jordan
Tel. Dept.:+962  711111 Ext. 2920| Fax  +962 2 7211117​​
Tel. Office Direct: +962  711111 Ext. 2852|

          Welcome          مرحــبـــــا

د. محمود حامد محمود التميمي

Dr. Mahmoud Hamed Mahmoud  Al-Tamimi
أستاذ مشارك
قسم علوم الارض والبيئة
Departmentof Earth and Environmental Sciences
 Google Scholar Profile:
معلومات الاتصال    Contact info.
 - Irbid  21163,  Jordan
Tel: +962 2 721 1111 
Office Ext.: 2928
Res. Ext.: 3233

Fax. +962 2 721 1117


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Working Now as Senior Resercher at National Center of Meteorology and Seismology, In Abu Dhabi United Arab Emirates2/1/2013